Psych S08E04 “Finally the season going to be FUN!!!”


Episode 4 is considered a win for me. You know why?? Because the most annoyed, hated person is gone. Let’s recap some of the moments, shall we??

Cyrus Polk (Peter Stormare), an ex-con stumbled upon a dead body in his house. Unfortunately, all of the evidences pointed to him as the murderer. Afraid of going back in jail, he bring the body to coroner’s office. Yes, Woody’s there. Now, he’s a hostage.

Trout want to go all guns blazing but Juliet stopped him and beg for more time. Meanwhile, Woody convinced the ex-con to call the Psych office. Due to out of case for two months, Shawn and Gus gone insane. They practically want to create their own case but of course, without anyone dying. At the right moment, as if Shawn’s pray is answered, the call connected. They enter the police station, arrogantly enter the crime area with Trout watching.

Polk want them to prove his innocence and find someone responsible before anyone gets killed. Thus, the responsibilities lies on those two. Trout give the duo a time period before he execute his plan. Yup, the gun blazing one. Lassiter was stationed at the hallway entrance. Although furious by Trout’s decision, he obeyed thinking of his son.

The case got solved but not without some incidents. Juliet infiltrated the scene and join Woody to see his condition thus disobey Trout’s order. Trout’s gun blazing is going as planned but halted due to Shawn’s action of solving the crime. Lassiter managed to captured the true culprit but sadly, the duo get the credits. Lastly, Trout deceived Juliet that he sent medications to Woody as a good faith but the truth was he wanted to have eyes on the scene.

This is the best part. Trout fired Juliet and Lassiter for disobeying his order and re-fired Gus and Shawn because of their interference. But, a phone call from upper management save their asses. Trout is fired due to his recklessness. This make Lassiter got his old job back while the duo may have their source of cases back again.

Every time I’m felling down, I always replay Psych’s episode. It give me warm and idea that even you age is getting older, you can still be like a kid. Fun, imaginative and friendly. Thanks for reading guys. 🙂



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