Psych S08E05 ” Poor Gus, He Have Been Murdered!!! “


Episode 5 was rather weird for me because for the first 15 minutes, I didn’t understand a thing. Meanwhile, there have been a talk that said Season 8 is Psych final season. I don’t know about it, but if it turns out to be truth, they better  end it with a bang. Let’s hear some of my opinion about this episode.

Upon arriving at the scene of an apparent suicide, Gus immediately sees much of himself in the victim, who worked at an insurance company. Though Gus immediately believes it was a murder, Shawn is not entirely certain of that, but Gus forcefully takes the lead. Running into a private investigator, Emmanuelle (Kali Hawk) along the way, Shawn and Gus begin to discover why the man is dead, but the case gets even more confusing.

Yup, for the first time. Gus takes the lead. You see, Gus is a very normal people, hardworking and very trustworthy of his company. His home is neat, his schedule is well organized and so does he. So, when he see a victim very much similar to him, he begins to think that “I don’t want to be like that. Suicide because of my life”.  Shawn became the ‘Gus’ right now. The moment for Gus have come.

Even the victim’s company name is similar. Very similar that even Shawn says “Why we are in your office?”.  Gus also found his love (well, sort of) in this episode. The private investigator. They have been mouse and cat all the way to the end while Shawn was stuck at the back seat of the car. The moment of Gus really shine right here, right now.

It’s very different story with Shawn. Yes, very differently. Shawn is mooching from his friends and family. I don’t know what mooching is, but I guess it means freeloader, or some way like that. His father warned him about it and stop being like a jack ass. Come on, it’s money. There is no freeway to get it. he began to search for work along the case but find nothing. Well, that’s because he only find easy jobs. ~~sigh~~

At the end, Gus quits his job and want to live his life (of course, full time with the Psych). Shawn finally found a bar job but instantly fired by his boss. Sweet.. just sweet.. move on to next episode next time.. and thanks for reading..:)



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