Psych S08E06 “How the show will go from here?? “


Yes Shawn. We all get the memo. It’s quite sad to see Chief Vick get transferred to somewhere else. This is a clue to say that we won’t see her ever again. While everyone hug and says goodbye, Lassiter’s mind is up to something else. Yes, the seat of Chief.

Lassiter’s interview with the Mayor of Santa Barbara went sour but he did get an interesting work. The murder of Mayor’s uncle, Archie Baxter. The last result indicate that Baxter killed himself by throwing himself off from a cliff. Lassiter is determined to prove the result is wrong and he did that marvelously.

The Mayor is very impressed with Lassiter’s effort. He did say he excluded Lassiter from the interviewee list because Lassiter doesn’t have what it takes to run a department. Yes, he have an excellent record but that’s just it. Mayor appointed Lassiter with the Chief Of Police but with conditions.

The conditions is related to Shawn’s girlfriend, Juliet O’hara. Chief Vick, well former Chief Vick told Juliet that she will become the next Head of Detective. Juliet is dealing with two individuals. Lassiter and Shawn. While Lassiter ended with an adult, professional way, Shawn on the other hand is note. In order to become Chief, Lassiter was ordered to release Juliet from his now department. Juliet convinced him that he will able to do this bureaucratic job while she joins Vick in San Francisco.

Shawn’s part is not so well. I pretty much cried. Juliet invited Shawn to come with her but with his condition, until he is ready. Juliet pretty much left Shawn without goodbye and left to San Francisco by herself. I don’t know whether we will see her or not. My guess is not since this is the final season, or so they say..

Gus’s role is pretty much smaller in this episode since the plot focuses on the characters leaving the show. However, he did heard his childhood song again and meet his childhood heroin.

My opinion is the show pretty much falling apart with every mystery solved, every history was told and there is not much to tell. My best guess is the next episode we’ll dealing Lassiter on his first day of dream job while Shawn struggle with Juliet’s gone. While most of the character have somewhere to go, I can’t be the same with Gus. I mean, he had girlfriends in the past but that doesn’t last long. I don’t know where Gus will end up.

Until then, stay tune..XDXD

Psych.S08E06.HDTV.x264-KILLERS - 1967; A Psych Odyssey.mp4_thumbs_[2014.03.03_18.18.36]


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