Frozen “Yup!! I already watched this 3 times!! Find out why!!”


In my opinion, Frozen proved to be the most successful CGI film made by Disney. Why?? Because it feel with everything we’ve hope for. It got magic, castle, princesses, talking weird things, antagonist and ohh.. don’t forget that song, ‘Let It Go’. Yup, it bring them an Oscar.


Let’s see, for a short synopsis. Princess Elsa who born with the power of ice was isolated from the world when she accidently shot his little sister, Princess Anna while they were playing. Until their reach their teen, Anna relentlessly persuaded Elsa to go out and met her but it’s futile. At the crowning day, the castle is finally open to the public and Anna finally get to see her sister and wishes to find true love, which she did. She met Prince Hans and decided to get married. Elsa didn’t bless them and both of them fought. Elsa finally revealed her power to the public and isolated herself in the North Mountain. While searching for her sister, Anna met Kristoff and his deer, Sven. Anna paid Kristoff to bring her to the mountain. When reaching Elsa’s castle, Anna try to persuaded Elsa into reversing the curse surrounding the country but instead, Elsa once again accidently attack Anna. This time, it’s right at Anna’s heart.


Kristoff bring Anna to his friends, the trolls. They found out that only a true love will save Anna. So, it should be Hans, right?? Wrong!!  It turns out, Hans only want the throne and left Anna to rot. Hans also managed to capture Elsa but Elsa escaped. Her fear cause a blizzard which cause Kristoff terrible problem in his way to save Anna. Throughout the blizzard, Anna managed to find Kirstoff and also Elsa who is about to be killed by Hans. Anna sacrificed herself for Elsa and she finally frozen, literally.


Anna’s true love for her sister that save her. Elsa found out the true meaning in controlling her power, love. The country is back on square one while Prince Hans is thrown into the jail for further assessment by his 12 brothers. Kristoff finally got his sled back, brand new with a medal. Also, he got Anna as well. Figured. In summary, happy ending!!

The characters was good, so good I might add. The voice actor managed to bring life to these characters. Just look at Olaf, a happy-go-lucky, naïve snowman which is brilliantly voiced by Josh Gad. Idina Menzel who voiced Elsa give such a strong impression and managed to captured the theme of the movie which fear. Kristen Bell who voiced Anna, well I don’t know that she can sing. Maybe because of!


The graphic in this movie was pretty neat. Well, it’s not reach the game quality but it’s smooth the eye. The snow was simple enough but the ice marvels was just spectacular. The castle, the stairs, the designs and even Elsa’s queen dress. I’ll bet it must hard to make those ice looking things in the computers.

Overall, this is a great movie and suitable for everyone, especially family. Thanks for reading..:)[2014.03.08_11.33.36]

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