Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S01E14 “The show begins to sparkle. Check it out!!”


It’s time for another episode of Marvel:Agent of SHIELD. this week episode is kinda dark to me. Skye being saved by an unknown drug, Quinn is played by the so-called The Clairvoyant and Coulson arrived at a site where he revived. I think the series begins to show its sparkle because we have 3 secrets to solve. who is this Clairvoyant, Who or what is Skye, and who the f*** is the alien thingy back then at the research facility?? here’s a review credit by again

It has been a million years since the last episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Last we saw the crew, Skye was stabbed and on the brink of death, shoved into a cryonic tank in the hopes of preserving her life. It was a neat moment, but as we’ve mentioned, the release schedule for this show has done it zero favours. So, how well does this moment, which is meant to be a super emotional and pivotal event in the lives of these characters, translate?

Not well, is the unfortunate answer.

Straight out of the gate, it’s important to make clear that art and the delivery of that art are meant to work together. In this case, I’m sure the moment would have been very powerful had it been seen a week after the previous episode aired (or better still, immediately, à la Netflix). As was, it wasn’t the best.

Bill Paxton’s Agent John Garrett makes an appearance, showing up to take Ian Quinn away from Coulson and back to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Fridge. They decide to save Skye first, but then Quinn points out that that’s exactly why the Clairvoyant wanted Quinn to shoot Skye in the first place; he knows the team will try to get the doctors who resurrected Coulson to save Skye, and in so doing the Clairvoyant will learn the secret of how Coulson came back after days of being dead.

Thanks to some nifty hacking by FitzSimmons, the team manages to track down a non-S.H.I.E.L.D. location called the “Guest House,” the initials of which match a compound called GH325, something that was used in the resurrection of Coulson. They’re denied entry to the bunker by the soldiers stationed inside, but hack their way in to try and find assistance.

They take down the guards, but the facility is wired to blow (naturally). Coulson and Fitz run off to find the GH325, grabbing it right as soon as they need to escape. But Coulson spots a door that is labelled “T.A.H.I.T.I.” He walks inside and is shaken, running back and trying to stop the team from using the GH325 on Skye. He’s too late, and she recovers. Garrett takes Quinn away, and we see why Coulson didn’t want the compound used. It came from a blue humanoid creature, G.H. It was lying in a tube in suspended animation.

And in the post-credits scene, Lorelei, younger sister of Amora the Enchantress, steals a woman’s husband, ruining their marriage and stealing his loyalty.

All in all, the episode WAS good. It really was. The emotional bit with Skye was a miss, but all of the reveals were good. Twitter is abuzz trying to figure out what the being in the tube was. Some are saying it’s an alien (maybe a Kree), while others are suggesting his blue hue lends itself better to the ocean-dwelling Atlanteans that populate Marvel’s oceans. However it goes down, I’m sure it will be pretty cool.

Bill Paxton actually does a decent job on the show. He’s fun to watch, and he actually makes Ward seem human, which is nice. He also gets on well with Coulson, which is always a plus. He’s slated to come back, so it will be neat to see how that all plays out.

Of course, we’re now no further along to figuring out exactly what happened with Coulson. Or what has now happened with Skye. Or how the Clairvoyant knows everything (maybe they’re clairvoyant). Or why the Clairvoyant seems so intent on unlocking the secrets to resurrecting dead humans. Or why he can’t see how it was done to Phil Coulson.

There’s a lot of good stuff on the way, and hopefully the show will be able to string two or three episodes together in a row these next few weeks. It would be really nice to get out of the start and stop nonsense that has plagued this show.



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