Thief “The Shadow is Your Only Ally”


If you like stealing or want to learn how to steal, then Thief is your game. A not so open-world game that relies on realism and the shadow. Here’s a review about this game. Though, be remind that at this moment I haven’t finish the game yet so, there is still much more to be discover. Here’s trailer to feast your eyes.


The plot focuses on Garett, the master of stealing in The City. Yes the city is named The City. After 1 year of unconscious, he finds the city changed with the introduction of the Watcher and the gloom spread throughout the city. The last thing he remembered was the death of Erin, his former ally, partner and maybe disciple?? I don’t know. He lost her at some weird ritual at the centre of the city. Now, he must set on a journey to discover the truth by doing what he does best, steal. Is he able to find the truth or something much darker??



Garett is a cool person, does not kill and don’t really care about others especially politics. If the money is right, he will steal from anyone. He doesn’t talk much and not very friendly though he sometimes talk to himself (to us, the player) when he meet a new threat. His black cloth covers him from the darkness.

Erin is a different person from is partner. She is impatient, violent and egoistic. These behavior cause her life at the prologue of the game but is she dead?? Must see till the end of the game though. Despite all of these bad traits, she is skillful artist. Inventing the hook which later aided us in exploring new places.

Other characters such as Basso, Queen of Beggar and the bad guys play their role wisely. They are there just for show, we actually need them to progress forward.



As I said this before, the game focus on realism. Everything will react to you. Water, wood, muddy, fast run and much more. All of these can have effect on you gameplay. Slow is the key here and shadow is your friend. Your enemy is the guards. Steal from them and run away. You don’t have to be fast in this game, just steal everything. Because what you steal converted into coins. Coins can be used to upgrade your weapon and skills. In my opinion, this is THE game if you want to taste your own first platinum trophy. There is no rush and practically you should not die, except from the traps. the world is not so open but it’s vast enough to explore.


For an adrenaline-type of person, this is not your game. It require patience and a lot of it. I easily feel sleepy if I play this in midnight. There a lack of background music when you are stealing, unless you have been spotted. The graphic for ps4 is sharp but I feel like something lacking here. The graphic feel rigid and there is no flow in the game. Personally, I hate first person game because all I can see is his hand and hear his voice. Exception to the shooting games of course.

The game mechanic looks great and somehow fresh. I don’t about the reboot thing because I never play Thief previous games before. Anyway, the trophies are easy enough as you don’t need time for it. forget about face past and just steal all the way till the end.


Score : 4/5


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