South Park: Stick Of Truth “awesome level is off the roof!!!!!!”



South Park have enormous episodes from what I have understand. I have known South Park for a while, but not to a level where I can remembered every single character. Nevertheless, the main character is you, named Douchebag. Yeah, that’s your name regardless what you had chosen. You will follow to an adventure where humans, wizards and elves fight for what known as The Stick Of Truth. Through out the game, you will encounter a lot of characters originate from the South Park itself. At some point, the stick was stolen by a banned member (Cartman side), Clyde. At similar time, UFO crash landing complicated the kid’s game. The appearance of Nazi Zombies and the Bad Guy Government made the whole adventure seems like a world saving mission. The Stick of Truth finally fallen to its rightful heir, Princess Kenny. The plot is narrated by Morgan Freeman himself.  After a very long, tiresome fight (yes, it nearly drain all my potions) between Princess Kenny and you, victory is achieved. At the end, King Douchebag (that’s you) is able to talk after all.


The characters in South Park stay original to the show. I never watched any of their episodes, but I do know the characters is real and the their voices are real. Cartman, Princess Kenny, Kyle and everyone have their own characters, except you. You are named Douchebag. Man, how many times did I say this?? Due to kids imaginations, every warriors have superpowers. Yeah, just play the game to find out. In summary, you revisit almost all the main characters in South Park, including Morgan Freeman.



The battle system in this game is simply turn-based attacks. You fight with your buddy and various strategies can be used to take even the most powerful enemies. Except, for Princess Kenny. Yeah, I have trouble executing his (or her) attacks. You can earn perks by finding and adding friends to in-game Facebook along the way. Your enemies range from the kids to Nazi Zombies.



Overall, the game took at least 2 days to finish, which is kinda short for an awesome game. The graphic was not AAA but rather stays true to the original South Park design. Generally, I have no problem playing this game and not bored by it at all. Except for those collectibles. Damn those Chinpokomon!!

Score :5/5


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