The Mentalist S06E13 “I am going to take a little nap…. in my Airstream!!”

It’s been a long time since my last review on The Mentalist. In my search stat, people were looking for Patrick Jane’s airstream. Well, your wish is granted. Here’s the picture. Feast your eyes.


Patrick Jane enjoyed his airstream all the way to Mexico, where a murder (naturally) took place. The victim was Edith Firlock, a DOJ lawyer and the preliminary evidences (pointed by Jane) suggests that she was in undercover and the body was displaced from the real murder scene. The FBI on the scene is Agent Cho and Agent Fischer and yeah, they were pretty useless in the first part, if I may say. While both of the agents head back to HQ for further investigation, Jane discovered a secret tunnel that lead back to Texas. Using GPS, Fisher found out about the tunnel and a farm festival.

Meanwhile, Lisbon ask LeRoche for a warrant regarding Ardilles’s murder. Once again, Jane saved the day. Rigsby and Van Pelt meet LeRoche and yes, they got the warrant.

Jane and Fischer reached the farm by yes, the Airstream. Fischer method of asking info is not well received as the folks don’t like authority. But Jane, no. With his way, he even managed to get a place inside the farm, undercover as a nomad. Before doing his job, he ask Lisbon to prepare a black helicopter and a tank. Yup, he’s dead serious.

The plan is to give fear and doubt to farm people to lure the guilty. Surprisingly, Abbott give the permission and play the part well when they knock the farm’s door. People were outrage about the authority and Jane use this opportunity to lure out the criminal. it work like a charm.

It turns out, Rachel a.k.a Marcia is the culprit. To protect her secret, she killed Edith. LeRoche have been killed by the unknown person who tapped Lisbon’s team phones. I think the shot maybe for Rigsby, but I don’t know. The answer is still in the shadow.

This is episode is truly fun for me. Jane driving an Airstream which I realized midway in the episode. Also, apparently, Jane have the skill to know what people want the most dearly. That is something I must have, okay?? Here’s the list of secret that he unlock:

Cho : Jumping bean. He used to love jumping beans.

Wylie : Tamagochi. He killed the last one, so he’s keeping this one alive.

Abbott : a Voltron robot. Yeah!!

Fischer : a princess wand. She want to fly and be invisible.

Lisbon : I think she already got what she want.

Thanks for reading… see ya..



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