Suisei No Gargantia “How will you survive in an alien environment??”


Suisei no Gargantia is different from any space/galactic battles anime such as Heroic Age, Gundam or others. The plot tells a story of “what happens if a soldier is stranded in a planet that only heard as myth and he has no way of coming back home?” How does he will survive? How he cooperate with his alien environment? It’s quite awesome anime if you ask me. a lot of philosophical but balanced with mecha fighting.

Ledo, a soldier of Galactic Aliance of Humankind found himself in a very massive fleet of ships called Gargantia alongside with his companion mecha, Chamber. He stumbled upon various chaotic events at first but he later slowly making friends. With the help from Chamber, he slowly learned their language and organization. He met Amy, Bebel (Amy’s little brother), Bellows, Pinions and many more. It was through Chamber’s star chart plotting, that Ledo realized he is in the mythical planet, only heard by rumors from the Alliance, a planet called Earth. The origin of mankind.


Ledo pay his debt/rent to the fleet by searching for  jobs. His first excavation job with Bellows turned chaotic when he fight against an enemy known as Hideauze. The enemy possessed a similar genetic codes as the one at space but much more primitive according to Chamber. However, Earthlings saw this as a bad luck as they believed Hideauze or whalesquid is a very holy being. All but one. Pinion sees this as an opportunity. After untimely death of Commandeer of Gargantia, Fairlock, Pinion set off to find treasure at the whalesquid’s nest. Ridget as the new commander, reluctantly releases them. Ledo follows as he feel to need to destroy the Hideauze although Amy doesn’t agree to this.

Upon reaching the nest, after killing countless whalesquids, Ledo finds something so dreadful that it shattered his belief to his cause. It turned out that Hideauze is originally intended for an upgrade to humanity so that they can survive outside the atmosphere. Over time, Hideauze gained consciousness and lost their humanity and want to take over the galaxy. So, basically, Ledo is killing humans all this time. Ledo went nuts after knowing this, doesn’t know what to believe.


Pinion was getting arrogant with his prizes and announced to the whole world that they are untouchable. This hold true until a massive fleet lead by another mecha. Surprisingly, the mecha codename Striker belongs to Kugel, Ledo’s superior. Kugel feel that he must bring humanity to peace thus, occupying Pinion’s fleet. However, Ledo was unsatisfied with Kugel’s reign. Ledo, alongside with Pinion and everyone fights off their freedom with Ledo fighting head-to-head with Kugel. Or is it??

After cornering Kugel, Ledo found a very terrible truth. Kugel was long dead in the Striker’s cockpit. His fear of the outside environment leading to his doom. But Striker continue to try succeeding Kugel’s wish of creating a harmonious humanity. Striker even called itself as God. Chamber disapproved Striker’s illogical action seeing as mecha exists only to support human, not overruled them. Chamber release Ledo and sacrificed itself in order to destroy Striker. This action is logical to Chamber because Ledo already shows his true potential thus draws in conclusion that having Chamber by his side is no longer relevant.


Gargantia is spared from the epic battles although the fleet do support the battle by activating The Stair of Heaven. Basically, a ballistic missile that relies on gravity to affect its target. That’s the way I would understand it. Happy ending. Ledo is living off as a true Earthling while keeping the momento of Chamber by his side while Chamber sleep peacefully in the bed of the ocean.

I really love the series seeing how one will survived in alien environment. The language barrier, the cultural barrier and even the organization is not easy to understand. But, if you let the mind and heart pass through rather than your ego , then all’s well. Thanks for reading.. how bout you?? Can you survive in a very alien environment??


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