Psych S08E08 “We got Lassiter’s clone!!!”


Psych is always a fun show with their multiple characters. But, with Juliet and Chief Vick is out from the game, the show is kinda dull. Somehow it become like a “3-dudes” show. Luckily, they got it covered before it is too late.

Meet Betsy Brannigan (Mira Sorvino). A-soon-to-be Head of Detective was sent by the Mayor to fill in Juliet’s former position. Lassiter as the new Chief of Police was very skeptical even though Betsy have astounding record, just like Lassiter. However, her initial character seems very.. odd. Yeah, can you believe it? She was crafting while doing an interview with Lassiter. That aside, Lassiter is still feeling attached to his partner, Juliet. So, he must find a way to get rid of her, or so he thought.

Shawn and Guster got that covered. They have been invited in a prestigious paranormal convention for police consultants. By luck, the infamous icon of the convention, Prof. Stein was murdered. Lassiter personally asked the duo to leveled up their madness in order to get rid-off Betsy. The duo agree because if Betsy leave, they might have a chance of getting Juliet back.

The suspects are recently debunked Graig, Garth (and his ghost, Bernie) and Hazel. Shawn and Guster’s method really put up a nice show to Betsy. A methodical person would be seriously irritated with the duo’s practice. Although, he knowledge regarding Wicca is very top-notched.

Craig has been crossed out from the suspect list although he was the primary suspect. Hazel also been crossed out but her secret of having affair with the victim is well.. not a secret anymore. The criminal turned out to be Garth because Prof. Stein want to debunked him and labelled him as fraud.

Back to Betsy. She made a very surprising decision. It turned out, the she love the current team. It made her feel like herself, a crazy and very… Lassiter. Yeah, I say that. Lassiter was already hooked when she named her guns. Looks like we got Lassiter’s clone. The next episode will be great, I think. Thanks for reading..:)



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