Supernatural S09E16 “Can Dean control his Mark Of Cain?!! “

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Abaddon is getting stronger day by day. A simple mission, retrieve the First Blade. Crowley who have been entrusted with the mission, gone without a trace. The Winchesters grow impatient. Every call and messages come back unanswered. Until, they summoned a crossroad demon, Snooki. Wait… what??
It turned out, Crowley turned into a drug addict. Thanks to Winchesters, he became addicted to human blood specifically. By injecting them, Crowley feel… more human, as I might say. Either way, the duo are pissed because he didn’t deliver his mission, thus killing the Last Knight of Hell prove to be impossible.
Sam forced Crowley to get back in the game and retrieve the blade. Unfortunately, the blade was not in the deepest ocean’s bed. It’s been passed hand to hand until it rest in a museum. Posing as FBI due to a grotesque murder scene in the museum, they found another dead end. The blade was long gone. The blade was sold (secretly) to a mysterious buyer named Albert Magnus. And it seems the curator have a thing with Dean (yeah, I mean .
Sam remembered that is the same name that Man of Letter used with they go investigating. But which one?? We all know that all of them are dead. Crowley, being a douchebag, suggest to look at the dishonored member record. The most fitting person is named Cuthbert Sinclair (Kavan Smith). The man also known as Master of Spell and he prove that he is a hard man to find, even for Crowley.
Using Crowley’s info regarding location, Dean and Sam asked the silence field to meet him, literally. A portal suddenly opened and they met with the legendary man who, I might say modernized spells and magic. The blade is indeed in his possession, but they will got it with one condition. Dean stays. As a collector, he want the complete package. Mark of Cain and The First Blade. Sam was kicked out with a puff of power.
With the help from Crowley, they managed to freed Dean. Dean immediately killed Sinclair without hesitation using the blade. The mark give a heavy rage of power inside of Dean whenever he possess the blade. After all the ruckus, Crowley take away the blade seeing the boys have him on the ‘must-kill’ list. But, Dean’s car is the top priority right now. Serious?? Have demons and angels have become so childish?? C’MON!!!

Supernatural - 09x16 - Blade Runners.DIMENSION.English.HI.mp4_thumbs_[2014.03.30_15.08.15]


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