Tokyo Ravens “Excellent Story but.. So Unacceptable!! “


Finally Harutora fulfilled his promise to become Natsume’s shikigami. After the death of Hokuto, Harutora’s friend a.k.a Natsume’s other shikigami (later known in the series), they moved to Tokyo where they study about onmyoji in Onmyo Prep School. They made friends along the way and face the danger of Ashiya Doman, a powerful ghost who once fought against Abe no Seimei 1000 years ago. After his defeat to Haruto’s homeroom teacher, Ohtomo Jin, a moment of peace fall around the school. Until, the discovery of Raven Coat. A legendary coat which can show the true incarnation of Tsuchimikadou Yakou.


Truthfully speaking, my first impression on this series was kinda flat. I mean, the anime kinda already lined up the fact that I want to discover in the first three episodes such as Natsume is claimed to be Yakou, Harutora became a shikigami and I thought the villain was Suzuka Dairenji. But that changed when they went to Tokyo. They met friends like Suzuka Dairenji (again) who is sent back to school after guilty on performing forbidden art, Taizen Fukun ritual, Kyoko Kurahashi who later gained the power of stargazing, Tenma Momoe the nerdy and Touji Ato (Harutora’s best friend) who have the power of ogre. The plot becoming interesting after Harutora was found as the true heir and the death of Natsume. However, the story really become fast after this plot. They can elaborate more before reaching the ending and the ending itself seems dull. I want to know what happen after the ending. It’s like there is going to be a season 2 but there isn’t. I guess..


The character fits in perfectly. Although, in my opinion, the bad guys seems to be more knowledgeable and have more wisdom than the good guys. They talked about Yakou’s devotee, the incarnation and their purposes towards Yakou’s resurrection but all the good guys can do is spouted justice about this and that which is pretty boring to me. Except Ohtomo Jin. His conversation with Ashiya Doman was like seeing to pro battling each other. Full of trickery and humble. Those are epic!!! Seriously, Doman became Jin’s shikigami is truly epic. They would be like… the strongest duo in this anime, apart from Yakou himself, of course. Ooohh.. don’t forget our most cutest shikigami ever, Kon!! Who later became the most beautiful shikigami ever, Hashimaru.


CG was used to portrayed the usage of shikigamis, symbols and the expression of power shown by the characters. CG blend in with the 2D designs harmoniously, though the shikigamis are somewhat have awkward movements especially the big ones. The voice actor pronounced the enchantations like a pro. Seriously, I thought they could be used in real life but I dunno if the words are actually real or made up. Maybe another day for that. The theme were pretty much about fantasy, drama and friendship. Typical for an anime , of course.


Overall, the anime is quite good though I’m disappointed with the conclusion. C’mon, at least announce season 2. I want to know what happen when Harutora/Yakou disappear. Anyway guys, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

Food for thought: do you want a season 2? Why??

p/s: Natsume was revived back to life.. (>_<)


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