Kill la Kill “When Clothes Become A Weapon!!”


Matoi Ryuko, a transfer student and the wielder of half scissor-like blade recently transferred to Honnouji Academy that is led by an iron-fist student council, Kiryuin Satsuki and her 4 Third Stars Devas. Ryuko blatantly challenged Satsuki to give an answer about his father’s killer. Ryuko said the only clues left is she wielding the other half of scissor-like blade. After a terrible defeat by one of the student who wear Ultima Uniform (sewed using Life Fibers), Ryuko met Senketsu, a sailor uniform which also known as God Wardrobe. This encounters mark the journey to find the killer and understanding of a sentient alien, Life Fibers.


The plot focuses on Ryuko who seek revenge on his father’s death, Matoi Isshin. In early development, I thought the antagonist is going to be Satsuki. Ryuko even fought the 4 Devas named Gamagori, Sanageyama, Inumuta and Jakuzure before reaching her for answers. But the journey escalated to a whole new level. The appearance of Harime Nui and Kiryuin Ragyou make the story more powerful. The antagonists are now shifted to them. Their motive is to cover the whole world with Life Fibers and using human as foods. Nudist Beach, an anti-cloth organization was formed by Isshin to stop these plans. Surprisingly, Satsuki also opposed his mother’s ambition, saying that “human are not slave for clothes”. Even more surprisingly, Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters.

Kill la Kill - 12 - Large 02

If you watched Gurren Lagann anime before, then everything in this series is a norm for you. Each characters are very energetic and you can feel their humor, frustration and determination to get what they want. Since the plot is quite heavy and can be a little boring, we are humored by Mankanshoku Makou and her family. Described as “incomprehensible family” by Ryuko, the family served their role perfectly and somehow, they become my favourite characters. The number of students is tremendously large. It’s like having a 10000 students in a certain scene. You can even see them flying around in a certain fight, just like in Sengoku Basara. The main antagonist, Ragyou is portrayed with supremacy and arrogance to the max. I really hate her no matter what.

Kill la Kill - 04 - Large 06

The design in this anime is really epic. Every episodes is filled with explosions and grandiose presentation. As expected from the director who bought you the Gurren Lagann series. There is one flaw though. I mean, why they talk so much during a fight?? The theme is primarily about cloth and fashion because the power source came from the clothes itself. It’s a pretty unique theme in my opinion. The theme song really suited each characters in the series. My favourite would be “Blumekranz”, the theme for Kiryuin Ragyou.


here’s the theme song that I like. video is not mine:)

What is your favourite moment in the series? Please share and thanks for reading.XDXD

P/S: there are a lot of indecency in this anime. Please watch with that in

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