Psych S08E10 ” A Fitting Finale for the Pineapple’s Show”


This is the end. The very last episode. Shawn finally become a man. Well… sort of. The episode start with Shawn recording a video. At first, I don’t know why, but throughout the episode, it hits me. Shawn is afraid to say good bye to his best friend, Burton Guster. That’s all because Shawn finally man up to get California and live with Juliet.. forever. Let’s go character by character for this final episode.

The first person is of course, Gus. Shawn was going to tell him about the news but he can’t find the word. Interrupted by a murder case (or rather save by it), Shawn is determined to announced it in front of the killed victim. And…. He failed again. Although, some of his words pointed in that direction but Gus is too confused to realized it. When they found a map that lead to supposedly treasure, Shawn let Gus have the glory for his final gift though they only find a corpse and Gus ran off scared before Shawn finished his ‘speech’. During a standoff with Ian Collins (the criminal), Shawn missed again the chance to tell the Gus. Finally, unable to break the news, Shawn delivered it through a DVD. Which is not exactly a good bye, claimed by Gus.

Lassiter, the other person who Shawn considered as a friend. Without saying a word, Lassiter already knew the causes on Shawn’s weird behavior. Lassiter advise him to break the news while having a happy memories. This prove that Lassiter have a father quality and don’t forget that memorable hug!! He also received the DVD but destroyed it when Shawn want to come clean. In his heart, Shawn will always be his psychic. But, I think he already know the truth long time ago.

Next up is Brannigan. In this final episode, she show exceptional skills leaving behind Psych in several investigations. In my opinion, it’s just to say that Psych is ending, truly. She also have a new junior detective. Guess who??? Surprisingly, Mcnab took the role..

Even Woody got the DVD. Though, he thought it was a Skype call. Classic Woody.

The final moment of Psych is epic. I mean who the hell steal a ring during a proposal?? Seriously?? What next? Stealing candy from a baby?? Well, the finale is humble and it make me feel I can really let go of the series. If they release a movie, that would be awesome!! It will be awhile until we see another TV shows that is hilarious as this one.

What’s your opinion about the ending?? Is it good or you have enough?? Thanks for reading..



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