The Mentalist S06E15 “Rigsby become a Superman!!”


this time Grace has been kidnapped!!!! Oh my god.. My favourite character is going to die. No!!!!!!! well, that the whole new point in this episode. What Rigsby is able to do when his love one is in danger?? this is interesting story considering this show will be in its final season. here’s a review from Enjoy!!

First things first: What happened to Lisbon’s pony? How could Jane give her a pony and not know what she did with it? I really hope they revisit its whereabouts in the future.
Grace Van Pelt was quite the fighter, but that wasn’t surprising. She had a husband, step-son and baby girl to get back to. She wasn’t going down without a battle.
I was really impressed with how she never gave up when it came to breaking out of that box in the basement. Even when she cut her hand, she remained calm and barely flinched. It was extraordinary.
However, I was surprised she went running up to that SUV when it approached. Wouldn’t she think that her abductor would be one of the people using that road? But perhaps she could see it was a woman driving, which would seem less suspicious. But I had little doubt that that was Haibach’s sister.
Back at the FBI, Jane did his best to keep Rigsby focused on what was important. He had two kids to get back to and Jane was fairly sure that Grace was still alive. When Wayne begged Jane for his help, the plan began with this quote ā€œSee what you don’t understand about me Rich is that I don’t care. I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve been playing with the house money for years and if I go to prison for what I do to you, I don’t careā€
As much as it was part of Jane’s strategy, I also believe there was a certain amount of truth in the threat. If Haibach had killed Grace, I’m not sure he would have survived to face a trial.
The one thing that struck me this week was how out of place Agent Fischer felt within the story. I’ve wanted to give her a chance but instead of growing on me, Fischer has become more tiresome with each passing episode. Basically she takes away screen time from other characters whom I’d rather see.
I had no doubt that the gun Rigsby left on the ground was no longer loaded but I was surprised Rigsby and Jane didn’t have a better plan when they got to the cabin.
Wouldn’t it have been better to have Haibach bring them inside at gunpoint and then tell him it wasn’t loaded and get the upper hand? I know Wayne wanted his real gun from the glove compartment, but did they really believe that the sister would simply walk out of the cabin and surrender?
It was a definite weak spot in their plan.
And it was that miscalculation that almost got Rigsby killed. Honestly, when Wayne took that second shot, I thought he was dead. I wouldn’t put it past this show to end Wayne and Grace’s run with a tragedy but I’m incredibly grateful that they chose not to.
When Rigsby walked out of that cabin to give Haibach the bloody end he deserved, I was completely taken by surprise. For all of the times I’ve knocked Wayne Rigsby over the years, in his final scenes, he was the human equivalent of Superman.
As much as it was nice to know that Abbott appreciated their talents, it’s better to know that Wayne and Grace will have a new beginning and raise their children as civilians.
As for Jane and Lisbon, I find it hard to believe there would be no repercussions for Jane after kidnapping a suspect with his lawyer watching but I suppose I can let that detail go.

I know Rigsby and Grace have been pulled out in the series, but still there are my favourite characters aside from Jane and Lisbon. I mean they really become a couple. A sweet one at that. While, Jane and Lisbon still playing rope with each other. Or, in my opinion their relationship is on the line between love and friendship. what do you think of this?? until next review. thanks for reading.. šŸ™‚







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