The Mentalist S06E16 “Jane Finally Have a Rival!!”


Finally, Jane will know that he have to act fast or Lisbon will be taken away. Yup, this episode focuses on an art con and some love spark about Lisbon. Jane will need a luxury home, stolen arts, garbage truck and… a marching band for this to happened. I present to you a full review by again..

Let’s start from the beginning.

As horrible as it was that John Hannigan was shot and killed, he was a bit of an idiot. When masked men with automatic weapons drive their truck through your wall, you don’t argue over which paintings they’re allowed to take, no matter how much you love the art. If he’d kept his mouth shut and lived he could have painted another portrait of his wife. Now she’ll have to look at the painting and remember him.

Jane was immediately intrigued by the art squad. Why? Because it was new and fun and Jane’s looking for a challenge. Little did he know he was about to get a challenge of an entirely different kind.

When Agent Marcus Pike quipped that the FBI’s stash of stolen art was like his secret museum, Lisbon asked if he takes his dates there. Lisbon was flirting! I can’t remember the last time she openly flirted with someone, except maybe with Jane.

Meanwhile, Jane was teaching Wiley the ins and outs of the con and how to set up a mark. Wiley couldn’t get enough of it and his enthusiasm was infectious. Jane may have found himself a protégé.

Jane was very specific in everyone’s roles and I enjoyed watching Abbott in the field. He really does fit right in with this team, even as the boss.

Jane’s wardrobe choices were particularly interesting. He picked out a white, feminine dress for Lisbon and a tacky animal print for Fischer. Not to mention that Teresa was cast as his girlfriend while Kim was the floozy who was meant to lure Aaron to the bedroom.

Lisbon and Jane were kind of adorable as he tried to give her acting pointers and she complained about not being able to breathe in that dress or stay upright in her heels.

I did wonder why Jane was asleep on the sofa. I’m sure that home had plenty of bedrooms. However, it was sweet to see Teresa come back down stairs in her pajama shirt to check on Jane and cover him with a blanket. She always looks out for him, even in the small ways. Unfortunately for Jisbon fans, she was soon on the phone flirting with Marcus.

No matter what you thought of McKaye, he wasn’t a complete fool. He could tell by the way Patrick looked at Teresa that she was his soft spot. I can’t say I disagree.

The set up at the end was rather risky. These guys didn’t care about leaving bodies. Jane or Lisbon could have easily been shot. And Jane’s complex scenario with the garbage truck, marching band, and Wiley in a well placed taxi was pretty over the top but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief as it was all in good fun.

I’ll give Marcus credit. He seemed like a good guy. He tried to make sure Teresa wasn’t already dating someone else and then he simply and directly asked her out. No subtext. No elaborate plans. Just a boy asking a girl out for pancakes. From the look on Lisbon’s face I got the feeling that it’s been a long time since someone has paid that kind of attention to her.

As frustrated as Jane and Lisbon shippers may be with the introduction of Marcus Pike (and from what I hear he’ll be around for at least 5 episodes) I’m kind of happy about it. I think Jane cares a great deal about Teresa but he needs to be shaken up a bit. Perhaps if he sees her with someone else, realizes that he could lose her, it might force him to make a move and say how he feels.

Yup, Jane must act fast or he will lose Lisbon. what’s your opinion on Lisbon’s new love spark?? well, whatever your opinion might be, I’m just happy that Jane will have a rival in his life beside Red John. thanks for reading.:)







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