Gundam Build Fighters “A true Inspiration for Builders!!!”


a new Gundam series!!! After drowning myself for nearly 24 weeks of episodes, I still dazzling about the series. Too much Gundams and colors for me to take in. well, never waste any time, here’s the full review..Hope you will like it.. 🙂

After an awkward meeting, Reiji, Prince of Arian promised Sei Iori that he will aided Sei whenever he get into trouble. Nearly defeated by Susumu Sazaki in Gunpla Battle, Seiji’s desire to win called upon Reiji via Arista that he gave earlier. Reiji easily defeated the foe, fulfilling his promise. On other hand, seeing Reiji true ability, Sei saw an opportunity. With Reiji’s natural ability as a Gundam pilot and talented Sei as Builder, they strive to become the champion of World Gunpla Battle Tournament.


The major key in this anime is Arian World. If that world never existed, Seiji will be the same as before and more importantly, there will be no gunpla battle. So even from the first episode, the series kinda give blank answer for the audience to discover for themselves. Who are Reiji exactly?? Then, in the World Tournament, we can watched how terrified the CEO of PPSE, Chairman Mashita when he see Reiji. Just what are their connection?? And how all of these linked to Plavinsky Particle??I’ll not give you the answer.LOL!!

Gundam 3

Every episodes filled with surprised and gunplay battles. It’s not complicated anime like the previous Gundam series. It’s set on a normal human world who really enjoys gunplay. The difference is that the Gundam can be moved under a special condition or on a specialized battle arena.

Gundam 4

Different from other Gundam series, the characters are not too complex. True, everyone have their own history, but deep down they just Gunpla lovers. Even Aila, gunplay fighter who likes Reiji suddenly developed love for Gunpla. Although at first I thought of world domination plot when dark organization appeared, but the truth is rather childish. A billion dollar operation just to get a trophy for his grandson?? C’mon!! In conclusion, the characters are rather lovable and friendly. Especially when Sei’s mother, Rinko Iori play as matchmaker for Kousaka China and Sei Iori.

Gundam 5

The layout of this anime is Gundam. Gundam everywhere!!!! There are tons of them although their screen time last for 3 seconds to 1 minute at least. There are several that I can recognized: Zaku, Kampfer, Exia, Astray, Wing Series and of couse, the duo’s Gundam, Star Build Strike Gundam. I may take their designs as inspiration for my gunplay hobby. The mods are so gorgeous!!

Gundam 6

what’s your take about this anime?? I’m sure most of us pretty satisfied with this one. Even if you don’t know Gundam or Gunpla, this is still a very fun anime to watch. Action and Humor blend in harmoniously. so, What’s your favourite Gundam??

Thanks for reading..:)

Gundam 7


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