Supernatural S09E18 ” Metatron Becomes God?!!”

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What is meta fiction?? From what I understand it is a fictional story that is told in order to pose questions about the relationship between fiction and reality. It’s complicated (I’m sorry if I’m wrong) and this episode bring more questions than… an episode.

The episode start off with Metatron look into us, the viewer and he want to tell a story. Seriously?? His face is really weird when facing the camera. Okay, I’m gonna puke now. The episode is split into two parts: Castiel and the Winchesters. Gadreel is smacked in between them.

Castiel went into a warehouse and surprised to see a bunch of dead angels accept one, Hannah. Castiel also see a sigil. Hannah said that the sigil called them like a some sort of angel’s siren. She also told Castiel that Gadreel is working with Metatron and those who opposed him will be crushed. Like others, she want Castiel to be the leader of the rebellion. After that, Castiel called the Winchesters for warning about Gadreel. Oh yeah, apparently Castiel have learned on how to use the smartphone. Nice one!!

Then, came Gabriel The Archangel a.k.a The Trickster!!! Yeah, surprise!! He claimed he have been hiding in heaven since Lucifer ‘killed’ him but like all other angels, he also cast down to earth. Now, he’s in front Castiel and guess what, he want to raise an army against Metatron. He give very logical explanations and Castiel finally agreed to join him. Both of them head off to meet Sam and Dean.

At a gas station, they suddenly surrounded by Metatron’s men. Gabriel tried to hold them off while letting Castiel escape. Then, while sheathing his sword, he realized something is wrong. His teared inner pocket that he got earlier is gone. Then, everything lined up. Apparently, Castiel is already in Metatron’s hand. I don’t when and how, but it’s already happened. Castiel also turned down Metatron’s offer to become a villain in order for a hero (Metatron) to raise.

On the other side, I don’t know how and when (for the second time, damn!) The Winchesters trapped Gadreel in order to capture him alive. While Sam goes out to search for Castiel, Dean is stuck with Gadreel. Gadreel tries to shake Dean by saying things about how Sam feels about him. He almost succeeding in making Dean kill him but like I said, almost. Dean finally succumbed to his Mark of Cain’s rage and pounded Gadreel to a pulp. Unconscious. But, no info was gained. Sam comes back with bad news. Metatron wants to trade.

Gadreel for Castiel. Yes, Metatron also knew about the traps that the brothers prepared but it’s futile. He easily blew away the Holy Fire and easily cast away the angel’s sigil from Dean’s car. Yup, he’s now God. How they are going to fight God??

Meanwhile, the freed Castiel somehow followed Metatron’s story. I don’t know consciously or vice versa. He gathered his followers to lead an attack on Metatron. A rebellion. Sam worried about Dean. I think Sam finally leaving that ‘just business’ thing and afraid that Dean wrecking himself up in the name of killing Abaddon.

So, what do you expect in the next episode?? I don’t what to say to be honest. I just hope Dean kill Abaddon so they can focus on Metatron. Thanks for reading..



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