The Mentalist S06E17 ” I’m Worried About Jane and Lisbon”


A wig, a hat, briefcase filled with bomb and an anxious man. Yeah, I know where this is going. To make it more dramatic, let’s add a baby. Anddddd…. Boomm!!!! Someone’s dead. This time, the episode is pretty predictable to me, right from the start. Including, that little plan that our Jane have prepared. Well, that’s what you get when you watched too much TV shows.
With Lisbon showing up late (after a date with Marcus), no wonder Jane is jealous. Wait!! Jane is jealous?? Really?? That’s new. Like usual, an extra info from Jane and later proven by the forensic on the scene. The bombing is meant for one person and the mother who strolling the baby is the key, pointed out by Jane of course.
Further investigation lead to a soon-to-be-executed Luis Cruz (Oscar Torre). He claimed to be innocent and Abbott seems to believe it. He asked Jane for an extra hand. The team split into two: Lisbon and Jane visited the husband (who his wife was killed by Cruz). Cho and Fischer go to the victim’s house. The result: Jane accused Edward Feinberg (John de Lancie) for murdering his wife and Cho found a map that encircled area about 50 miles focusing on river. Let’s the game begins.
The FBI arrested Edward and held him in interrogation room. Of course, his now wife Mae Feinberg (Jud Tylor) also waiting in the waiting room. I already foresaw what Jane’s plan is. He changes all the clocks and edited the execution footage (Wylie did it) so that he can see both husband and wife reaction. I already knew the husband is innocent since he cried when he heard the news. That’s not a face of a guilty man. Jane confirmed it. However, it’s a different story with the wife. He face shows satisfaction and relief. Being a psychologist, Edward can’t denied what he have seen.
After been released, Edward asked Mae whether she killed his late wife or not. She then admitted it after a several pushes and later arrested due to a transmitter that Jane planted in Edward’s pocket.
Everything went well. Cruz get a new life and Edward got to think about his relationship. Meanwhile, we can see Lisbon wear a wonderful dress for a date (I thought she don’t like dressed up like that). Jane compliment her and that was it. Awkward silence. I think Lisbon made a huge mistake. Nevertheless, this is a boring episode. I feel like I knew everything already and the show have nothing to well,…. show anymore.
What do you think about Jane and Lisbon?? Until next time guys. Happy reading..:)


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