Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E16 “Finally, they getting somewhere!!”


After a boring episode from The Mentalist S06E17, I braved myself to watch this one. I was hoping that this episode would heal me from my last wound and surprisingly, this episode delivered it well. Too well.

The appearance of Deathlok signaled that the agents are very close on finding The Clairvoyant. John Garrett and Antoine Triplett reported back to Coulson and soon he arranged a meeting with Victoria Hands and Felix Blake. A high meeting, literally high meeting. Skye received a welcoming surprise. Finally, she become an Agent of SHIELD.

Skye listed down to 3 candidates for the Clairvoyant. They split into three teams to avoid suspicious: Coulson and Garrett, May and Blake, Ward and Triplett. During the investigation, May and Blake were attacked by Deathlok. Blake was badly hurt and May just got a graze. But Blake was smart. During weapon inspection, Coulson noticed one tracker bullet was fired. Yes!!! Deathlok can be finally traced back to the Clairvoyant.

A striker team is assembled and off they go. After a battle with Deathlok, he managed to escape. However, they found Thomas Nash. He is a patient missing from the hospital that May and Blake checked. He babbled about changing the world, how his plan will continue even after his arrest and surrendering to the SHIELD. To our surprise, Ward shot him dead. Close range!! Back to drawing board everyone. While Ward will face a review board.

A moment of peace was acquired. Simmons is summoned back to the Hub and she will research in secret about Skye’s blood and the drug that was used. Fitz are uneasy with it but agree to help. All seems to come to an end, right?? it isn’t.

While Coulson interrogated Ward for his action, Skye reported a problem. It appeared that Fitz have uncovered a secret encrypted hard line that May was hiding. May nearly killed him if it wasn’t for the door glass. Coulson’s demanded a straight answers for her action. With the help from Skye. A courageous newbie of SHIELD I must say. That’s when the plane suddenly changed its course.

It appeared caused by Victoria Hands. She want everyone on board dead except Coulson. Why?? Well, next episode it is. Finally the show bare its fang. It’s filled with actions, suspense and answers. I think the show is coming to its seasonal ending. What do you think about the Clairvoyant? It’s just a final boss or they have more to show us??

Thanks for reading guys. Have fun this weekend.



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