Marvel Agents Of SHIELD S01E17 “Ward, what have you done?!!”

agent marvel

Right now, SHIELD is in chaos. Two drones tried to kill Garett and luckily, Coulson was there to save him. Upon docking with Coulson’s plane, Garrett revealed that the plane is headed to the HQ, mostly likely according to the trajectory. What’s more surprisingly, Victoria Hands may be… The Clairvoyant.

How so?? You see, earlier on, Coulson asked Skye to check for psyche evaluations of every agents in SHIELD. Specifically the one mentioned psychic, or any psychopathic behavior. Skye revealed something that’s more shocking. The Clairvoyant don’t have any super-psychic ability, he has security clearances. Yup, that put Victoria in the spot completely.

Everyone suddenly know what to do. I don’t know why but I feel like SHIELD have prepared their agents for any disasters. Skye deleted and backup all the information that the plane was carrying, May tried to call Director Fury but… HE’s DEAD!!!! Seriously?? Coulson tried to contact any SHIELD bases but heard only statics. More frightening, the static revealed to be a massage :

Out of the Shadows, into the Light- HYDRA”

Hydra??!! Awesome! Seriously, awesome!! Meanwhile, Simmons and Triplett passed o Hand’s little test. Yeah, Hydra been in SHIELD for a long time and right now, they must be careful, right?? To make it worse, Victoria accused Coulson on being a Hydra member.

Upon landing, a rain of bullets fall upon the Hub. The team managed to escape thru a mouse hole that Fitz prepared. While Skye and Ward headed to disable the system, the rest of the team must rescue Simmons and Triplett (They thought both of them are in danger). Ward and Skye played a little love scene before they go boom!!! Oh yeah, May still in cuffs even though SHIELD in chaos right now.

Coulson and the team managed to sieged a control room and here’s when it get interesting. After a while, the team get surrounded by SHIELD soldiers. Suddenly, some ‘friendly’ fire was shot and yes, HAIL HYDRA!!! And, Garrett is one of them!!! Coulson was in catatonic when he heard that. But somehow, Clark Gregg can’t express it quite the way I want. They almost die if it wasn’t for an explosion that Skye and Ward set up at their system control.

Victoria Hands appeared right on time and apprehend Garrett and his little Hydra members. There a lot of Hydra members in SHIELD, all the way to the top brass. Ward and Triplett were in shock when they heard about it especially Garrett.

Many of the bases have been destroyed by Hydra, so it’s best to say that Coulson’s team are their last defense. Ward volunteered to escort Garrett back to The Fridge alongside with Victoria Hands. Here’s a twist of event, on the plane…. Ward shot Victoria dead. Yup, Ward also a Hydra!!

Wait, what???? Man, I dunno how this will turn out. Especially with Skye in love with him. what’s your opinion with this?? I’m afraid to be honest. Till next episode. Thanks for reading..



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