Marvel Agents of SHIELD S01E18 “There is Hope or Not?!!”

agent marvel

Unknowingly to Coulson and all SHIELD members, Victoria Hands was killed by Ward himself. Yeah, Ward defected to Hydra side with Garrett. Meanwhile, Coulson dealing with the rest of the world. More SHIELD bases have been recaptured from Hydra although the military want to take action of the situation. So that, either go to jail or be killed. Well, the second choice is more likely, according to Coulson.

Hub has been repaired and ready in 10 minutes. Some of the SHIELD members want to surrender while Coulson and the team want to hunt down Garrett and put a stop to Hydra. The rest of the world have branded Coulson’s team as terrorist and Coulson wants to vanish. So, he asked Skye for that. While trying to destroy his agent’s badges, he uncovered a secret. His own badge is glowing. A badge that given directly by Director Fury. What’s more intriguing, it shows coordinate to a map.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Ward is off to the Fridge, where every weird, alien gadgets and criminals have been locked down. After a deceiving entry, both of them stole all the equipment (including the one that Ward found in Peru) and released all the inmates, including Raina. Also, Ward managed to get an even rarer item below The Fridge, gravitonium.

Raina’s purpose: create a serum that gave life back to Coulson. Yup, by using every unknown chemicals that Garrett got from the bunker in previous episodes (yeah, I don’t remember which one.. ). Raina who still in shock after knowing the truth about The Clairvoyant, still obeyed the word. She also did asked about how Ward feel betraying his team. Quinn also pissed though mostly about food and the treatment in the prison. However, he quickly become obedient once Garrett showed the ultimate catch.

Coulson tried to regain his team’s trust after revealing the coordinates. Almost all of the members are skeptical including May, Simmons and Triplett. Yup, Triplett is the new Ward. The search almost come to nothing until he throw away his own badge out of frustration. That’s when a machine gun blowing it off to pieces. Yup, proof a hidden base hidden there.

Dubbed Providence, it’s guarded by Eric Koenig, a level 6 agent. In private meeting with Coulson (alone), he revealed that Director Fury is still alive but threaten Coulson to keep that info in secret because they can’t trust no one right now. Raina’s development comes to an halt when Ward’s hard disc can’t be opened unless by Skye herself. Of course, she is the one who gave it to him, right?? So, returning to ‘everyone’s Ward’, he infiltrates the Coulson’s team.

I’m worried about Skye. I have yet watch the next episode, so let’s just hope team is okay. Do you think Ward will be exposed in the next episode?? I hope so.. Man, I really handsome guy. Until next time.



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