Buddy Complex “Nice Coupling!!!”

header buddy complex

This is a story of a boy who travelled to 70 years ahead of his time. He arrived in a mecha in the middle of a battle between Free Pact Alliance and Zogilia Republic.

From the very start of first episode, I have my concern in this anime and at the end, it still holds true. We follow a boy named Watase Aoba who is a classmate of Hina Yumihara. One day, he was attacked by a giant robot who appeared out of the sky. Hina saved and sent him 70 years in the future. She just left a phrase “Dio is waiting” to Aoba before vanishin into thin air. Turned out, there a soldier named Dio though he barely recognized Aoba.


Aoba showed a great ‘Nice Coupling’ with Dio. Both of them is piloting Luxon and Bradyon respectively. Two of them have a rough start but soon bonded when each of them learned of their partner’s past. Finally, Aoba meet with Hina but as enemy. This is where the story goes deeper and somehow explain how Hina possessed a mecha in the first episode.

Watase Aoba is a very interesting man. He is… how do I say this… a traditional man live in futuristic setting. He is very friendly and non-discriminate with others although, what’s more special is his coupling wavelength. It’s similar to the control wavelength and can match with anyone without training.


But it comes with a price. Every coupling will rendered his partner’s wavelength make it dangerous to couple again. Dio is nice guy but a bit overprotective on his younger sister. Hina is the static person here. In time travel, she rescued Aoba and then disappeared. Where to?? Well, she got thrown into a past (some period time before the war) and lost her memories after that. In the last episode, Aoba save her from being a loop again.


Well, it’s fabricated with mechas, actions and subtle CG effects. That’s okay with me, but I questioned the time travel paradox. Aoba comes from the past to the future because Hina rescued him, right?? Then, if Aoba prevented Hina from going back into time, doesn’t mean that Aoba should disappear?? And what’s with old Bizon and become all influential?? Does that mean he survived Dio and Aoba’s attack but stranded on a time where Zogilia haven’t been built yet? Arrghhh.. too many questions!!


Yeah, too many questions and luckily they promised us second season. Just wait and see.. Man, I hate these short anime. Before the earthquake, an anime lasted at least 24 episodes per season. Now, it’s ruined. The series is great and all but I just can’t quite grasp the sense of time here.

So, what’s your opinion about this anime?? And do you agree with me about the sense of time in this anime?? Tell me about your opinion!! lol.. thanks for reading.




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