Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D S09E19 “I Hate Ward Damn Much!!!”

agent marvel

I never have much rage build up in me whenever I watch a movie or a tv show. Up until now. I hate Ward so much that when I see him in every scene makes me want to kill him. I hope you enjoy the review because, I sure don’t.

Ward arrived at the party and have a warm welcome from the team. Simmons patched him up while he tell a perfect cover story filled with lies and of course, confidence. Coulson believed it with no doubt. Arghhh!!!, if you only knew. With that, Coulson start a manhunt mission, starting with Marcus Daniels. Yeah, we are feasted with how he can murder by just one touch. Apparently, he can absorbed any form of energy making conventional weapons pretty much useless.

Coulson have a personal grudge on this man. Of course, when his loved one is involved. Audrey Nathan, a cellist. Do you remember? The one that Coulson talked about on earlier episodes? Erik was against it and neither do May. But, Coulson is Coulson. He is stubborn. They split. Fitz, Simmons, Triplett and Coulson while the rest stay on the base.

Marcus finally comes after Audrey and luckily SHIELD managed to save her. Unfortunately, Marcus got stronger from the last time Coulson encountered him. Audrey talked on how both of them met and suddenly, it shifted to Coulson’s past with her. The team is shocked but keep their cool about this. Coulson also refrained from seeing her as he thought that she is moving on with her life after his ‘dead’.

Fitz suggested the unthinkable. Using Audrey as bait to lure Marcus out. Coulson reluctantly agree although concerned with Audrey’s safety. The plan works as he arrived when Audrey played the cello. Later, the team fired him with gamma ray guns (Courtesy from Banner) and it didn’t work for the first time. Coulson steps in and finally.. the villain explode!! The hero have save the day.

While all the action happened, May backed out from the team leaving only Skye, Ward and Eric. Oh, this is bad. Really bad. May apparently searching for Maria Hill for whatever reason. Skye suggested to hack the NSA satellite to find out what happened in the Fridge. Afraid of finding out about himself, Ward killed Erik.

After making out with Ward, Skye found out the truth. I don’t know how is she going to tell the team but it must have something to do with the virtual windows. Skye’s life is in danger every seconds she follows Ward. Oh, by the way, Ward stealed the Hub.

Do you hate him or do you really want to kill Ward?? Feels free to comment below and just to let you know, this is coming to its finale and I hope it will be a good one. Happy Saturday.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 01x19 - The Only Light in the[2014.05.03_01.18.53]


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