Supernatural S09E19 ” A Prequel to Bloodlines. I think?? “

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Another awesome Supernatural episode. It involved Jody, vampires and a cute girl. Why a vampire story when the angel war are just around the corner? I think it’s due to upcoming Supernatural’s spin-off, Bloodlines. Maybe… maybe I’ll watch its pilot episode and write a review whether I want to follow it or not.
Jody found out about a girl named Alex (Katherine Ramdeen) being hunted by vampires. Sam and Dean arrived and interrogates the girl. Apparently, her real name is Annie. But, right now let’s just stick with Alex. Alex is protecting her ‘family’ and wouldn’t revealed their nest to the Winchesters. So they are forced to search it themselves. The search led them to a series of empty houses with closed windows.
Meanwhile, Jody bring Alex to her cabin house for protection. Alex being really cold with Jody. She doesn’t show any sympathy when talked about Jody’s dead family. The vampires tortured Alex’s friend, Stacy (Alexis Kellum-Creer) in order to know Alex’s whereabout. They arrived at the same town and suddenly, they are in front of Jody’s cabin. Pretty quick, right?? the power of extortion. Jody failed to protect Alex from being captured. After a while, Sam and Dean arrived and explained something shocking.
Sam and Dean arrived at the empty houses but there are signs of someone living there, specifically vampires. They heard a sound at the backyard and found themselves a vampire, a brother of Alex’s family. They tortured him to get some info. Apparently, Alex is a bait girl for the vampires. That’s the shocking explanation that Jody heard soon waking up after being knocked down. Jody, feel attached to Alex joined the Winchesters to save the girl.
They arrived at a large house with vampire vibes in it. The Winchesters take the upper floor while Jody waited at the ground level. Jody heard a mourning sound at the basement and saw Alex covered in blood. Apparently, she drank her mama’s blood to stay loyal to the family. Jody got knocked down and tied up ready for Alex to gnaw her. The Winchesters also lost to the vampire brothers. They wanted a revenge on the dead brother earlier. However, Dean is quick-witted. He quickly paralyzed the first one and kill the second one. Lately, Dean’s enjoying his kill and become much stronger.
Jody managed to escape death when Alex refused to drink her blood. Her mother’s word about filling the hole in a heart fired back to her. Suddenly, Alex injected her with dead man blood and the final moment. Before decapitating her, Jody asked Alex to turned away and.. the final blow is given.
I think this episode focuses more on Jody more than the Winchesters. Maybe to know what happened to Jody after this while. And, the next episode I heard, is much more spectacular. Let’s go to Chicago to find out. Stay tuned..

Supernatural - 09x19 - Alex Annie Alexis[2014.05.05_00.27.53]

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