The Mentalist S06E18 “Will Lisbon and Jane End Here??!!”


We were feasted with Lisbon and Marcus dating together. Yeah, it’s happening but I don’t really like him. I want Lisbon with Jane. Not with him. Anyway, in this episode we got watch not one, but two separate crimes being solved together. Enjoy.
Both Jane and Lisbon are off to Sam Houston National Forest where a dead body was found in the middle of nowhere. As usual, Jane’s observations revealed that the dead woman was dressed up to meet with someone. Particularly a very high class man since, there’s only one establishment near the dead body. The Forager’s Club.
The club is managed by Kenyon Russell (Mark Harelik). He wants to help with the investigations but he really emphasized on ‘people with power’. Later, we were directed to Kilgallen, an errand boy, I might say. The statement are nonetheless same as the manager. The don’t know the dead girl, Madison Price. Meanwhile, a man named Gryska (Sonny Marinelli) is having troubles with his assets. Patrick persuaded him to contact a ‘right man’ to solve his problems.
Madison have a ginger-citrus smell on her hair, so Jane sniffed around every waiters (intelligently, I might add) and he found The One. Pam Parsons (Elizabeth Chomko) a friend of the dead woman. Apparently, she is a prostitute (but Madison preferred ‘escort’). Russell is brought in for questioning. He finally admitted seeing her, but the whole operation is under Kilgallen’s management. Agent Abbott and Fischer joined the search team and found Kilgallen dead.
Gryska tried to bribed Abbott and Jane will use him to solve two crimes at once.
First, Abbott made a deal with Gryska in an enclosed room. Then Abbott, Fischer and Jane used a broken phone (found in the dead woman’s body) to lure the killer out, discussed in the same enclosed room. Jane put up a magic show using the phone put in a lost and found box. At the end of show, everyone take their belongings. All but one. The phone. This is weird, right?? The killer is not there??
Then, Abbott finally revealed that the enclosed room is actually bugged. He spoke out loud trying to make a deal with the killer. It turned out to be Gregory Dyer (James Patrick Stuart), Kimura’s lawyer. He was arrested and Gryska also being arrested for bribing an FBI officer.
All is well. Lisbon managed to get a date with Marcus. Marcus tells Lisbon that he must move to DC for a promotion. And, he asked Lisbon to follow him. She’s better not moving with the guy. Erghhh, poor Jane. Well, until next episode, thanks for reading.




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