The Mentalist S06E19 ” Is There a New Arc Happening Here??!!”


Taco!! Jane loves taco. And this one led to an interesting turn of event. He practically called Lisbon who is on a date for a suspicious bog man with a duct tape. Seriously, I too would questioned the same thing. Let’s enjoy what follow on this model scout scamming.

Jane and Lisbon found a severely injured woman and it’s too late. She’s dead by Jane’s watch. The big man is brought in for questioning. The guy seems kinda have mental disorder ( I think). With Jane’s help, he was able to remember bit by bit until where he found the girl. Lisbon, Jane and Cho are off to an old bar and yeah, both of them have awkward moment. Plus Cho. They arrived into an empty house and yeah, another girl locked up beneath ground. How creepy was that, huh??

Daniela Welker (Zuleyka Silver) is being treated after the trio saved her from the isolated underground chamber. She told everything to Lisbon. Model scout named Jesse, a lot of girls is involved and she wants the FBI to save her little girl. With that, they need to hunt a truck loaded with girl that headed possibly to Mexico.

With meticulously planned, Jane tricked every truck driver into thinking that a roadblock is happening. Cho got a very nice accent, I tell ya. The FBI searches near by a coffee shop where drivers hang out and found the one responsible. A gun shooting happened and they got a woman in their custody. And of course, a dead body of the driver.

The woman, Claudia (Carol Kiernan) was just tagging along to save her family business. To gain some money. The real criminals are the Qashimi brothers, Ali and Ray. The real problems are both of them are clean slates and they’re in Mexico. Once again, Jane save the day. He is really smart. I like him.

Jane and Abbott disguised as businessmen and try to lure the Qashimis to US. The reason: Their truck is with Jane. Come and get it. Yeah, the brothers got tricked. The FBI put them in custody.

In separate interrogations, both of them said the same thing. There’s a mastermind with far more powerful than them. Yeah, I really want to know who’s this powerful man. And yeah, they let us watched a bit about this man.

Model scout, Jesse had been killed mysteriously. A powerful man named Mr. Ridley apparently hired a mercenary to finish the job and the Qashimi brothers are next.

My questions: Who is this man?? What does he have against Jane? Or the FBI?? Well, then, save these for the next episode. Stay tune..



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