The Mentalist S06E20 “Organ Smuggling Arc starts here!! “


This week episode for The Mentalist is some kind of a filler to me. nothing excited to watch however, it’s interesting to see Lisbon kinda split between two men. Ironically like Casablanca film. Let us enjoy this humble review, shall we??

One humble morning, while Lisbon searching a house for Marcus to live in DC, US Marshals come in. Apparently Jane is convicted for the murder against Thomas McAllisater a.k.a The Red John 2 years ago. Lisbon and Fischer also got subpoenaed. In grand court, Lisbon and Fischer defended Jane’s action with their own word. Especially Lisbon. Both of them went to Abbott for further explaination and there, Jane is sitting comfortably. It does raised a question, doesn’t it?? Cho, on the other hand, found another clue (with Daniela’s help) about her sister and the sex trafficking. It’s time for Cho and Wylie to shine.

Abbott explained about Elijah Marcy’s murder. It’s related to hi sport-betting website which gain a lot of profit. The FBI believe that John Acardo killed him five weeks ago but the court didn’t held long. Both he and Jane suspect a jury got bribed so, they set up a sting. Lisbon is mad, way angry than ever making Jane pretty much speechless. Cho got a good news at least. He found blood strips that was used from the crime scene. Why a modelling scam need a blood test?? For HIV??

Jane managed to rule out the one got bribed. Apparently, it’s the prosecutor, Lydia Faulk (Merle Dandridge). Jane changed his plan. Jane and Lisbon visited Il Tavolo Bianco where Acardo got his alibi checked. They got nothing except a wonderful manager, Aurelio and an expensive champagne paid by the FBI. Jane asked Wylie to pull out the evidence regarding Elijah’s murder. A wool coat that is strange compared to others. It’s proven that Elijah was allergy to wool making this coat belongs to the criminal.

Well, in order to get the criminal, Jane made himself a target. So, Fischer and him went to a club where Acardo hang out. He flirt with Acardo’s fiancé, Brandy to get his undivided attention. He got one. Splendidly done too. The girl kinda hot to me. Wylie and Cho went to a warehouse that supply the blood strips. They requested the shipment list and cross-reference with place and date of purchase. They got a hit.

On the next night, Acardo and his fiancé, Brandy arrived at the Italian restaurant. The manager slipped out from the restaurant and went to a place where he then, meet up with a hitman. Suddenly, the FBI surrounded the place however, the hitman open fire. You know what happen next, right?? the manager was apprehended and so does Acardo. Simple as that. In interrogation room, the manager agreed to testify against Acardo as long as he staying out in the open. It’s so that the cartel would not go for his family to find him. Jane is touched by his action.

Abbott and Cho went to the clinic that Wylie mentioned a while ago. Front and back door are locked, so they just busted into it. Following the sound of a generator, they something unusual. A functioning surgical theater. Behind a door, three dead girls lying with their organs are missing. Yup, its escalating to organ smuggling. Errrghhh!!

Jane went to Lisbon’s house that night. He surprised to see Marcus there but kept his cool. He gave Lisbon a cannoli that he got from the manager. I’m sure he want to eat it with Lisbon but since Marcus is there, the intention died out. Jane wants Lisbon to be happy and she can do anything as long as it makes her happy. Jane leave with regrets while Lisbon standing there crying.

Anyway, question of the week is how the show will end?? will Jane be alone until the end?? well then, that’s all for this week. Happy reading guys.



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