Supernatural S09E20 ” Bloodlines?? Not Happening”

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Today’s Supernatural is kinda awkward. No Winchesters drama, no Metatron, no angels war. Only monsters. Hell, this is not even a real Supernatural episode. More kinda a prequel or introduction for the upcoming Supernatural :Bloodlines spin-off. Well, shall we started??

A young guy, Ennis Ross (Lucien Laviscount) having a dinner with his girlfriend, Tamara and he tried to propose her romantically. He tried to ask the concierge but… he is not being helpful. Soon after that, the concierge being dragged away by several guys leaving Ennis speechless. The concierge led the men to a secret room where ultimately filled with monsters. All kinds. One of the men, Sal Lassiter (Bryce Johnson) is a shapeshifter. And, he is not very likeable especially to the other guy, Julian Duval (Sean Faris), a werewolf. Both of them are enemies, so it bound to have a small fight. suddenly, a mysterious man with hood and silver claws killed all the monsters Freddy Kruger-like style.

Ennis brought his girlfriend to a ferry stop then he try to propose her again. Suddenly, Sal comes along, bleeding asking for help. The mysterious man finishes his job but accidently killed Ennis’s girlfriend. This means revenge!!

Ennis being interrogated by Freddie Costa (Stephen Martines) when the Winchesters showed up. This time, they somehow being a douchebag. Ennis comes home searching for his late father’s gun to seek revenge. Strangely, there are silver bullets with some engraving. I suspected his father knew about this whole monster things and probably a hunter.

Ennis entered the secret room and saw the massacre after effect. Suddenly, he’s being cornered by the same concierge who was apparently a vampire. Sam and Dean showed up just in time to save his ass. Ennis wants part of the action but The Winchesters prevent him from going any deeper.

Meanwhile, the shapeshifter family are going to have a war with the werewolf. Everyone are on boat except one, David Lassiter (Nathaniel Buzolic), the dead man brother. He tried to investigate the murder by first, asking Ennis. Of couse, he disguised as Freddy. Ennis saw through it with the camera (Sam thought him that) and freak out!!! David ran away with no info gained.

Ennis found Sam and Dean at Julian’s house. Meanwhile, David met up with his ex, Violet Durant (Melissa Roxburgh) and they suddenly attacked by the mysterious man. Ennis saved David but unfortunately, Violet was captured by the man. As of right now, it’s Sam, Dean, David and Ennis in one car. Sam and Dean just learned that there are five monster families that run Chicago. Wow?? Seriously??

Using GPS, the team located Violet. They split up two by two and search the perimeter. David is kinda noob and he got captured for his action. Apparently, the man is just a normal man searching for a revenge when the shapeshifter killed his child. Ennis made his choice. He executed his revenge by killing the man added with a cheeky line.. Erghhh!!

Sam and Dean insisted that Ennis don’t go deep into this hunter thing and off they go after getting tips about Metatron. Ennis was determined to see it through the end with this monster families. Suddenly, he got a mysterious call from.. his dad??? I wonder…


So, I made up my mind about this spin-off show. I decided not to do it on several reasons:

1)      The plot probably complex for me to follow through.

2)      The characters are humongous. Some viewers will not able to follow the storyline.

3)      I worked alone, so it takes my precious time.

4)      It’s just not my taste. I like Sam and Dean better than Ennis.

5)      I don’t wanna do it!!!!

That’s for now guys. Episode 21 review will be finish soon so, stay tune. Thanks for reading.



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