Marvel Agent of SHIELD S01E20 “Skye Is Saved!!”

agent marvel

The continuation after the kidnapping of Skye is rather short but informative. I missed Maria Hill and certainly love to see her having some of the actions. This would be an interesting review, if I must say for the least. Please enjoy.

May met Maria (after saving her from spies of other agencies) and went on to discuss about Coulson, about T.A.H.I.T.I and whatnot. Maria was shocked to hear these but she gave May an order that would later surprise all of us. Back at the secret base, they are still surprise about disappearance of the Hub, Skye and well, Ward. They checked the security cameras only to see May’s leaving and Skye and Ward holding hands. Everyone leaving the team. Simmons, in good faith want to make a pie to relieve everyone’s anxiety. Fitz quickly offered his help.

Then, Fitz found something weird about the windows. Yeah, the window that I was talking about in previous episode. Apparently, a message was hidden. It state “Ward is Hydra” and yeah, Simmons found Eric’s body. The autopsy report (performed by Simmons) proved Ward killed him. Fitz burst into rage but Coulson calmed him. Coulson and the team must do everything they can to find her.

While on the way to save Skye, (after tracking the Hub’s GPS signal) but stopped by a military squad led by Colonel Talbot. Of course, when you are being branded as terrorists. Who led the military into the secret base?? Yeah, Maria Hill. After a heated argument between Coulson and Maria, he finally spilled the beans about Ward. Well, Maria quickly changes side after hearing this. Poor Talbot.

Meanwhile, Skye and Ward arrived at the pub where Skye met Mike for the first time. Good man became bad. Ironically, so does Ward. Skye tried to delay in encrypting the hard drive and also tried to have some ‘honest’ talk with Ward. Obviously, that doesn’t work. However, she managed to alert the police about Ward. They arrived and tried to succumb Ward. Skye escaped in the confusion well, momentarily. Ward easily overcome the police but lose Skye. And that’s when Deathlok comes in.

Apparently, Garrett already foresaw Ward’s action and he sent Deathlok as Ward’s shadow. Skye, of course got captured again. Ward tried to persuaded Skye into hacking the drive but, seriously?? After all you have done?? Then, it’s turn for Deathlok. He paralyzed Ward into near-death state and try to persuade Skye again. Well, he succeeded and of course, not for love. The truth is, the drive can only be opened at certain altitude. Up in the skye. Haha, you see what I did there??

Ward’s take-off was delayed by non-other than Maria Hill accompanied by Triplett. Of course, the bluff didn’t work but it gave enough time for Coulson to slip in and save Skye. Both of them managed to escape Deathlok and ward by using Coulson’s hovering car. Now, all the members are together again. Maria tried to talk Coulson about working with Stark but to no avail. Then, comes May.

May agreed to work with Coulson again and want him to see something. A video. Of him. Coulson, you already got your answer. It’s you who supervising the experiment using the alien drug that was ultimately becomes your savior. As a closure, Skye leave something besides encrypting the hard drive. You will see it in the next review.

How’s that?? Pretty awesome, right?? the next episode would be much awesome. I hear Ward died. Who knows. Stay tune for our next review.



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