Supernatural S09E21 “Abaddon is dead!!”

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Finally, we are back on track. With the real Supernatural. So, in this week’s episode, three major things happened. Dean, the demons and Castiel. we start off with Abaddon travelled back in time, only to meet with a stranger. All the way back to 1723. Let’s start, shall we??
Back at the present time, a guy named Ezra boasted how close he is with Metatron. The inner circle. His arrogant brought down upon him when he is kidnapped by… Castiel. Wow, somehow Castiel became a big shot. The leader of the rebellion against Metatron. Castiel called Dean and Sam for an extra hand.
Crowley on the other hand, tried to regain his reign back but failed. All of his followers already betrayed him for Abaddon. Abaddon arrived and she want to negotiate. Her and Crowley joined hand to take down The Winchesters. Crowley refused and yeah, Abaddon took out her ultimate card. The stranger. Apparently, he is Crowley’s son, Gavin MacLeod (Theo Devaney). Well, I thought he IS Crowley. Abaddon tortured Gavin a bit and due to human blood infusion, Crowley showed her his soft side. Let’s talk.
Dean and Sam arrived. Castiel wants their help to interrogate Ezra. Sam is worried about Dean’s condition and he’s watching him, very closely. Dean want to start rough but Sam have a better idea. Taunting. Of course, they got what they want. Apparently, Metatron want to build an army and he have a portal that goes to heaven. A portable one!! They leave him alive, but after that he’s found dead. He’s been killed by an angel. There’s a mole in Castiel army.
Crowley is having a word with his son. They argued about the past but Gavin slowly accepted everything. Crowley even given him the ability to read. Crowley and Abaddon devised a plan. They want to lure the Winchesters, kill both of them and destroy the First Blade. Crowley called Dean and give him the location of the blade. Also, he gave Dean a warning ‘ Poughkeepsie’. Unsurprisingly, Dean didn’t tell Sam about the warning.
The brothers located the blade, whining about the blade being in a dead man body. And, of course it’s guarded by a hellhound. The incident later resolved by just Crowley’s voice. They headed to Humboldt Hotel. Dean suddenly want Sam to check the basement while Dean go upstair. Sam’s confused but still obeyed it. then, the final show down.
Abaddon finally revealed her true intention. After all of this is over, she want to kill Crowley. Wanting him to stay weak and immobilized, she shot him with a bullet engraved with demon trap sigil. Dean showed only to see Crowley’s injured. Several demons stopped him but failed. Then boom!!! Suddenly Dean stuck to the wall. Obviously, Abaddon attacked him. then, all of the sudden, he can overcome Abaddon’s power with the help of Mark of Cain. He can even called The First Blade. Abaddon is shocked and confused. Finally, Dean lunged at her and stabbed her to death!! He punched Abaddon multiple times only to be stopped by Sam which just got there.
The brothers let Crowley live and ordered him to send back his son to his own time. Difficult to accept his son soon-death event, he leave his son on this 21th century. The episode end with Sam opened up about the changes in Dean. He’s worried. Phew!! That’s one hell of an episode. Glad Abaddon is dead. So what’s left?? Only the angel war. Oh yeah, Castiel succeeded in making Gadreel a double agent and he want Gadreel to think about changing side. I can’t wait for the next episode.
I love Supernatural!!! Thanks for reading guys..


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