Marvel Agents of SHIELD S01E21 “Garrett is Alive!!!!”

agent marvel

In this episode, we will be focusing on earlier life of Ward. How he become the Ward that we know now today. Although, a huge surprise awaits us all. I’m just saying but the team seems losing their chances to win this day by day. I’m just furious and somehow very disappointed. Anyway, let’s move on, shall we??

Garrett arrived in a prison only to meet with a young man named Ward Grant. He’s been in jail for setting up a fire on his home without knowing his brother was in it. While his family despised him, Garrett offered him a way out. It’s going to be a hard life, but it does show a way out. Garrett agreed and they’re escaping. Pretty awesome too.

Meanwhile, Coulson gathered the team and explained the mission. Infiltrate Cybertek. With what?? Fortunately, Triplett brought a case full with his grandfather’s spying gadgets. Oh yeah, they’re still work. Coulson, surprisingly is a fan about these spy things. To infiltrate the building, Coulson and May disguised as SHIELD scientists.

Once again, the playback. Garrett heartlessly leave Ward in the wood just so he can learn the survival skills. He promised to be back with a couple of months, only to returned after six long months!! Ward was pissed but Garrett proud of him managed to survived. Even his dog is well. Time for lesson two. Shooting.

Coulson and May infiltrated the building, meet with their head of scientists, explaining about the ‘Icer’ bullet. Of course, Simmons and Fitz facilitated them. Sadly, it’s been rejected but the real mission begins here. Instead of going down the elevator, they going up and to the server room. Trojan virus that Skye prepared can only be activated if they have a computer that linked to Garrett’s system. The bad news is that there are no server room. Everything are hard copied files. The good news is they found a file, Project Deadlok. Patient zero: Garrett.

Ward knew about Garrett’s condition long before he joined SHIELD. He also take care of him when Garrett was in sudden pain in the Hub. His organs are failing. Luckily, Raina succeeded in creating similar serum as the one that revived Coulson. The one and only. Let’s pack for US, shall we?? Coulson and the team managed to track Garrett in Cuba. They split with Simmon and Fitz locating the Hub. Unknowingly to Coulson, both of them have been captured by…. Ward. Both of them were brought to Garrett. Fitz somehow is a brave person, I see. He managed to damaged Garrett’s system using EMP from one of his spy gadget.

While dying, Garrett ordered Ward to kill both Simmons and Fitz. With a heavy heart, Ward obeyed it. Ward cornered them into a container and dumped them in the ocean!!! Damn it!! Fate: Unknown. Meanwhile, Coulson and the team found themselves a group of super soldiers that want them dead at Garrett’s ex-lair. Fate: Unknown. Quinn sweet talked DC into investing super soldiers. Hundreds of them. Fate: most likely, due to Mike’s showdown.

I feel like Coulson is losing day by day. I hope when they win, it will be worth it. Finally, Garrett has been revived back after injecting the serum. Erghhh, it just getting worse, doesn’t it?? well then, my question: do you feel the need of Ward to die?? I think Garrett will die by the side effects of the serum. I mean, the serum is not perfect as Coulson’s.

Well then, thanks for reading guys. I’ll see you guys in my next review.



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