Marvel Agents of SHIELD S01E22 “Kudos to Coulson!!!!”

agent marvel

Now, this is a gallant comeback. The team coordinated their counter attack against Hydra, specifically to Garrett. The plan consisted a twist and a misdirection. Also, we are in for a little surprise!!

Garrett’s base have eyes (thru the super soldier) on Coulson’s and the team’s situation. May quickly grabbed the Asgardian Staff and unleashed hell. Skye managed to get her job done destroying the data and hacking into Mike’s system. Right now, they are ready to a grand counterattack. Coulson and Triplett starts off by knocking the front door.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons at the bottom of the sea talking about life and stuff. Fitz was going to confess but it’s been interrupted by Simmons’s idea that would later save well… at least one of them. Skye and May hit the Cybertek base and cleared out everybody with a bomb threat except a handler named Kyle Zeller. Skye manipulated ‘Default Directive’ that was given to a group of super soldiers who cornered both Coulson and Triplett. New command is ‘Protect Garrett’. So, Coulson used them to find Garrett. Clever, huh??

Garrett, who now is very powerful is aware of the invasion. Claimed to see a new future, he killed the seventh general while locked other six during a demonstration with Quinn. Quinn and Raina escaped into the middle of confusion. LOL, poor Quinn. He’s like a puppet. Garrett ordered Ward to bring Skye. Ward confronted Skye only to be ambushed by the Queen of Ice, May. A very fierce fight between the two agents. Of course, May won with a nail gun and a concussion blow to Ward’s head. Sweet!!! I hate that guy.

On the bottom of the sea, Simmons unable to accept the fact that she is the only one will live if the plan succeeded. And Fitz offered his life. With a crushing heart, Simmons pushed the buttons. The door exploded and Simmons managed to swim out of the ocean. With no hope of finding anyone for help, Fury appeared. He is alive although he looks like a homeless person. Fitz is barely alive. So, nothing to worry.

Finally, a showdown between Coulson and Garrett. Mike is ordered to stand by Garrett’s side. Coulson tried to punch Garrett but get thrown by his superpower. Somehow, Fury arrived and gave a weapon that killed ‘Loki’. Apparently, Garrett is immortal. Damn it!! Skye managed to save Zeller’s wife and Mike’s son. So, they got the upper hand right now. Or, shall I say the real objective of the counterattack. Skye conveyed a message only a father-son will know and Mike finally betrayed Garrett. He shot Garrett!!

A grand finale for Coulson. After Fury received an earful scolding from Coulson, he appointed Coulson as the new SHIELD Commander. Ward will be put in jail added with torture mentally and externally to extract info on Hydra. Garrett somehow lived and tried to put on an exo-suit only to be blasted away by Coulson. To pieces and very casually too. LOL.

Near the end, Raina somehow passed Skye’s picture to someone she used to worked with. Skye’s father. That’s a new plot, I sensed. The most creepy part is, Coulson start to have the same symptoms as Garrett. He drew a universe-like picture. Very mysterious. I wonder what’s the meaning of that drawing?? What’s your take about the painting?? Well, happy weekday and thanks for reading.



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