Strike Freedom Gundam “Small but Deadly!!!”


Here comes Strike Freedom Gundam!!!!! the package arrived 2 weeks ago and I just finished my final exam. So, feast your eyes. it’s just OTB (Out of The Box) because I want to preserved the natural elegance of this unit. Seriously though, with decals and panel lining, it’s enough to open its wings to glory!!!


I took the shots using HTC One M7. so, the picture is not that sharp compared to usual camera HDR but it’s enough for me.


Let’s spread the wings!!!!! I fell in love with the gold skeletons though.. :):)



yeahh :(:( I sucks at visual effects. but the glaring eye is cool though. kinda feel it’s alive.. 🙂



the last one…:):)


well, thanks for reading.. it’s not much though since it’s OTB but I’m pretty satisfied with RG grade. now move one to my next OTB, Gundam GP01Fb Full Burnern RG grade!!! :):)


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