Supernatural S09E22 ” Metatron is God!!! “

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So as we expected with Abaddon’s gone, the demon world goes quiet. Right now, we are focusing more on the angel war. But, what’s more important is Dean’s obsession with the First Blade. Last thing, we get to meet my first supernatural crush, Tessa.

The episode somehow start with an angel blows off another angel in a diner. Right now, just called this suicidal angel as bomber. Dean woke up (he never sleep.. at all) Sam and packed up for the job. He wants to bring the First Blade but Sam desperately prevented it. Okay, then. So, off we go.

Meanwhile, Gadreel brought a bad news about Castiel’s faction to Metatron. But, Metatron’s attention seems off to… fashion. He didn’t seems worry at all. In fact, he’s on his way to meet Tyrus, the leader of the biggest angel faction. Inside, Gadreel starts to doubt Metatron’s way of doing things.

The Winchesters meet up with Castiel but they were served with a bad news. This suicidal bomber blew himself in the name of Castiel. Of course, Castiel denies it but Dean somehow don’t believe it. Castiel want to prove his is innocent, so Dean put him with Sam. Dean followed the dead man trails while Sam and Castiel track down Josiah, the angel who went missing after the murder of Ezra.

Dean use brute force on Dr. Flagstaff, a doctor from the same hospital where the dead man worked to get some lead. Apparently, there are two more. Constantine and… the lovely Tessa. Dean found Tessa but failed to find out the other one. Meanwhile, Metatron’s negotiation with Tyrus failed alongside with his bowling score. Near the end, Constantine showed and BOOOMMM!!! R.I.P. Metatron survived but I’m sorry for Tyrus though. He didn’t. Dean wants to tortured Tessa but Castiel’s faction seriously disallowed it. so, talk heart-to-heart then.

Sam and Castiel track down Josiah to a warehouse. Castiel sensed a… heaven’s energy??angel energy?? I don’t know. Apparently, the warehouse is full with traps and puzzles. At the end, they thought they found the heaven portal, but nope. Only Josiah and a note from Metatron. Josiah was dead burned by holy fire. Back to the HQ, I guess.

Tessa insisted that Castiel recruited them because they are much powerful than the current faction. Dean wasn’t satisfied with the answer so, out of nowhere, he took out the First Blade. Wooaaahh.. where does he got that?? Wow.. just wow.. Tessa killed herself by throwing her body into Dean’s blade. Wow, that’s sound just wrong. At the right time, the angels came in and apprehended him.

With Dean released, Castiel got an important message. From Metatron. After an arousing speech and spilled bad (but terribly true) things about Castiel, the faction lost trust on Castiel. he also willingly sacrificed the angel’s army by choosing not to kill the brothers. Exactly as in Metatron’s plan. Metatron told Gadreel that the suicidal bombers are his double agents brainwashed to turned Castiel’s army against him. additionally, Tyrus faction also turned to his side.

Erghhh, Castiel lost everything, again. Dean announced dictatorship upon Sam. Wow, no more partnership. Gadreel surprisingly come to Castiel and told the truth. He also want to be given a second chance for his mistakes. Both Castiel and Sam agrees. But not Dean. The Mark of Cain finally showed its teeth. Dean slashed Gadreel, only to be stopped by Sam and Castiel. Wow, with the finale just around the corner, I hope Dean is still in control. Thanks for reading.XD


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