The Mentalist S06E21 “Jane, Lisbon is Going Away!!!!”


Right now, I feel that the finale is just around the corner. The mystery of Daniela’s missing sister and the human trafficking will be unravel soon (I mean, now). Let’s enjoy the recaps.

All the murdered girls that Abbott and Cho found had a heart tattoo drawn on their hand. Yeah, they have been chosen to be an ‘organ donor’. Luckily, Daniela survived. Cho promised her to save her little sister. They traced some of the suspected containers are heading to Columbia.

On a bright side, Lisbon got a new job offer. Courtesy of Marcus, of course. After getting a lead from Wylie, both Jane and Lisbon headed to Mr. Ridley. A new finding led Cho and Fischer to Dr. Alexander Lark. They almost got killed for that lead too. Wow, Mr. Ridley acted very quick, don’t you think??

Surprisingly, the doctor are very cooperative person. About Ridley’s operation and about a guy who does work for Ridley, Anthony. He is known by having a tattoo ‘ Veni, Vidi, Vici’. Based on Alexander’s information, Ridley was apprehended but got bailed. Jane is pissed and he quickly planned something. Something very nasty.

While all of this happened, Cho just doing his thing. He called police department in Columbia to get the search warrant done. Wow, he can be really threatening sometimes. Well, he did promised Daniela. Dr. Alexander was found dead in his cell leaving the team pretty much headless. A Nigerian client or ‘partner’ was also a dead end when Ridley tipped him about the FBI. That leave to one solution: Jane’s plan. And this will cost him more than he’ll deserved.

Jane drugged Ridley and brought him to a hidden surgical theater. Lisbon and he operate on someone who to Ridley, is Anthony (who later revealed as Wylie). Due to the tattoo. After Jane is done with him, Ridley’s next. Before he become the next dead man. He revealed the password to his encrypted laptop that contained all the clients info and transactions.

In the interrogation room, after a heated argument about psychological torture, Ridley surrendered due to his backfired statement about Anthony. Anthony is alive and in jail. Jane escaped Abbott’s wrath but the same couldn’t be said with Lisbon. Until the end, Lisbon defended Jane’s ‘action’ with Ridley.

Due to this, Lisbon have enough. She agreed on Marcus’s offer to live in DC. See, I told you!! Although, I think Jane already know about this. Well, Daniela got her sister back but Jane just lose Lisbon. The end is near guys. Thanks for reading.XD


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