The Mentalist S06E22 “The Finale is Expectable but Awesome!!!”


The finale of The Mentalist this week was kinda predictable but it’s quite awesome on how how they managed to achieved that. So, right now Lisbon will move to DC with Marcus and everyone knows about it except…. Patrick Jane. Reason: Lisbon is afraid to tell him. well, make sense though.

Luckily, a case showed up. A very serious threatening letter arrived at FBI and Abbott froze all leaves and transfers. Including Lisbon. Well, this is a very good chance, right?? For Jane to redeem himself for the final time. The letter have series of codes that no one understand. Including.. Jane?? Weird, huh??

As usual, Lisbon and Jane went to Miami to interview Greta DeJorio’s husband (or ex-husband??) named Don DeJorio. He’s annoying. I hate him. he accused Wes Baxter for killing his wife because he was stalking her. Don’s daughter, Christie denied the claim but was ignored by her father. The husband, the lawyer, Ted Randolph didn’t have any clues about the codes in the letter.

Fischer and Cho went to the dead woman’s business associates, Monica Giraldi and Tanya. Apparently, they had a thing but the dead woman managed to found her true love. Though, the unknown man is a mystery. Anyway, it’s a dead end. meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon went to meet the stalker, Wes. He insisted that he didn’t killed the woman and in fact, he was in love with the, after a dead end, Jane finally claimed that the letter may be written by someone who want to lure the real killer. So, Jane led Lisbon into solving the puzzle. Finally, Lisbon solved it!!!! well, off to Blue Bird Lodge.

Surprisingly, Jane prepared a dinner with Lisbon. Dress also is included. He notify the receptionist to bring anyone who is looking for Greta to come at his room. I can see where this is headed. But, one small problem. Abbott and Cho arrived at the same lodge. Jane was kinda have an awkward moment but he kept his cool. Jane invited Abbott and Cho to have tea at the restaurant.

Lisbon arrived at the restaurant with a stunning dress. She asked the receptionist about a wardrobe clothes and she said “it’s okay, Mr. Patrick Jane already paid for it a week ago” A week ago??!!! Wow!! The real surprise is that Jane planned all of this, using a dead woman’s case to persuaded Lisbon not to go. Basically, a con. Guess what?? Lisbon was furious!! Angry enough to leave Jane and go to DC.

Jane was speechless. His plan backfired. Years of conning, manipulated people, Jane become lost in his own con. Abbott, being a married man realized this. However, Cho did not. Jane with regret finally come to his sense to chase Lisbon before it’s too late. One hiccup though. Wes, Ted, Monica and Tanya solved the code. They are having a stand-off. Among 4 of them, 2 of them are the killers.

The real killer are Monica and Tanya. Jane quickly SOS (actually, it’s SOZ) and they finally apprehend the killers. Jane is seriously desperate for Lisbon. He even get on the plan using unauthorized passage and an FBI ID nonchalantly. He give a very deliberate but honest confession to Lisbon. Of course, Lisbon responded!!! A truly happy ending. I wonder what would happen in season 7. Stay tuned probably next September. Thanks guys. XD



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