Supernatural S09E23 “A truly Service for Fans. I Want More!!!”

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So, before this week is over, let’s end this day by reviewing about the finale of Supernatural!!! After 23 weeks of waiting, watching and reviewing the series, the end is finally here. And I must say, it ends with a fantastic cliffhanger. Well, let’s hear what I am going to say about this.

Well, with Castiel lost everything. Gadreel came as help. Well, surprisingly, Dean slashed him quite bad. After locking Dean, Sam and him search for Gadreel. For an injured man, he’s sure travelled far. I don’t know how, but they found him in a nearby road. Castiel healed Gadreel eventhough some of his Grace are burning out inside of him.

Both of them come up with a plan. In order to weaken Metatron, they need to destroy the Angel Tablet. They found the portal to heaven but only to be played by their own play. Both of them is prisoned in Heaven’s Prison. I felt pity for Gadreel. He sacrificed himself to get Castiel out. I mean, he finally become good but suddenly get ‘killed’. Poor Gadreel. Castiel played great role though. Perfectly where I want him to be.

Castiel become a great hero, you know?? He managed to destroyed the Angel Tablet and defeat Metatron. Though, not through fight. He taunted Metatron to talk thrash about him. and… everyone heard what Metatron said. he even got his army back even though he himself don’t want to become a leader. He just want to be an angel. Wow!! Seriously??

Metatron is God. Wait.. was God. After give an arousing speech, he walks among human. Made some miracles and everyone worshipped him. is human that simple?? After Coulson tipped Dean, he chased Metatron. Metatron is twisted angel. I hate him. his words. Noble cause but twisted with genocides. Metatron and Dean fight well.. till death. Metatron managed to STABBED Dean to death. No!!!! well, he fled after knowing the tablet is destroyed.

Dean was practically exercised dictatorship over Sam. After being locked up, he summoned the king of Hell, Crowley. The duo for this episode is badass. Dean craved for blood and if he don’t kill, he died. After making peace with Sam, he left Crowley. Wow, just like that??? He’s dead cold. He fight with Metatron and die in his brother’s arm. No!!!!! Sam is practically destroyed himself over his brother’s dead.

Apparently, Crowley tell the dead Dean a story. Wow, talking to a dead man. That’s creepy. In summary, Mark of Cain will not let go of its owner even after death. It’s quite clingy, I suppose. So, Crowley finally called upon Dean. “Wake up , Dean. Embrace your another life”.. Dean woke up as… DEMON!!!!! Wow, now that is a true cliffhanger.

I thought he will woke up with a different eye. Yellow, maybe. But, this is very exciting cliffhanger. With Metatron out of the picture, so the final opponent is Crowley himself. I guess. The heaven portal have been found, so I guess everyone will go back to heaven. Probably. It’s exciting to see Human Sam and Demon Dean works together.

There are too much to watch for sure!! I’m fan of Supernatural after all. I hope Crowley will become human or dead. So, Dean will become the next King of Hell. Wow, that would be awesome!!! Season 7 probably come out later this year. So, I’ll just wait for it. until then, thanks for reading.



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