Lego: The Movie “Everything Is AWESOME!!!!!!!”


This is one of those times that I can relive my childhood. Lego: The Movie delivered the perfect and most colorful memories into my mind. Of course, the usual 3D graphics don’t apply here. It’s Lego for god’s sake. Let’s begin the epic journey.


This is Emmett. A very NORMAL citizen. Excellent construction worker with one dream, to have a dinner with his loves one. However, his life turned upside down when he accidently found The Piece Of Resistance and a fateful meeting with his savior, Wyldstyle. Yeah, she saved him from being melted by Bad Cop. Additionally, he learned that none of his ‘friends’ noticed him being with them all along. He is well… nothing.

But, Vitruvius believed he is the Chosen One because Emmett have seen The Man Upstairs while other MasterBuilders trained years only to catch glimpse of the so called God. However, in a grand meeting, other MasterBuilders don’t believed in Emmett simply because he is not a MasterBuilder. The grand meeting was destroyed but Bad Cop and Lord Business’s ambush. With all MasterBuilders captured by Lord Business, the remaining survivor have to rely on… Emmett’s lack of imagination but surprisingly can deliver an arousing speech.


Emmett’s plan was going well. But, they got caught by Lord Business. Emmett sacrifices himself for the sake of the town. Or… importantly, the whole universe. Emmett finally met The Man Upstairs which turned to be a human. A kid. After encountering and learning that the kid’s father nature is the same as Lord Business, Emmett determined to save his friends. Emmett now believed he can build anything and he finally save the day. He even took Wyldstyle a.k.a Lucy from Batman!!


In my opinion, these characters are so awesome and I’m surprised they can fit these many awesome characters into one movie. We got Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Abraham Lincoln, Dumbledore, Gandalf, Wonder Woman, Spaceman 86’, and many, many more. All with their own unique personalities. Everything is Lego, Everything Is Awesome!!!

I can believe Liam Nelson can be this humorous in a movie. Morgan Freeman as usual is a might God a.k.a Vitruvius. And there’s Emmett. He is us. All of the normal people in the world. He thought us as normal person, we can be extraordinary if we just believe and push the limit. At least that’s what I’m getting at.


Design and layout of the movie is made entirely from Lego bricks. Of course, CGI involved but a minor portion of it. mostly involved with facial expression. The first I watched this, I barely can focus to the storyline. There’s too much Lego and it’s so colorful!! The song is very catchy to me. Everything Is Awesome!!! I think I’ll download it. Maybe watched a video clip. If they have it.LOL.

Do you watched the movie yet?? The Blu-Ray is already out and it’s a must watch even if you’re not a Lego fan, which is very rare. You won’t regret it. and lastly, can you build anything from the movie itself?? Which is kinda cool, you know?? Well then, until next time..:)

Lego Movie Screenshot 1


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