How To Train Your Dragon 2 “Superbly done!!! I Love Dragons!!!!”


The first prequel How To Train Your Dragon received a splendid reviews from the critics. Three days ago was the day, for its sequel. The grand opening. I must say, it’s both awesome and epic!!

The story follow through after 5 years when the hero, Hiccups (Jay Baruchel) made peace with the dragons. In my perspective, the storyline is divided into 5 parts. Firstly, the peace. While everyone are enjoying a dragon race, Hiccup is travelling through half the unknown world simply to mapped out his curiosity. Also, his father, Stoick (Gerard Butler) wants him as chief although he himself feels unprepared and chief thing aren’t exactly his thing. Yeah, we, the audience agreed on that.


Second part, the antagonist introduction. Drago (Djimon Hounsou). He can control dragons but the method is by force. So, his dragons become slaves rather than loyal to him. Oh yeah, Ruffnut found her new crush, Eret son of.. Eret. Yeah, we kinda confused by that. Surprisingly, both Snotlout and Fishlegs are crazy about her. Of course, since Astrid is already taken.


The third part, reunion. I would say, this would be the MOST important plot in the movie. This is when Hiccup is reunited with his long-lost mother, Valka (Cate Blanchett). Like Hiccup, she also have dragon’s loyalty and she have 20 years to learn about them. So, the family is finally complete. The forth part, the war. Drago declared war to the dragons. Yeah, it’s an epic battle between two dragon alphas. They nailed it right there. The dragons are just so many!! All the audience become silent at the moment when Stoick die at the hand of brain-washed Toothless. Yeah, a dragon alpha can break any smaller dragon’s will. Oh… My… God!!!!


The final part, is when Hiccup soon-to-be chief with Toothless (he is okay, after fighting Drago’s dragon alpha’s will) fight with the alpha. It’s pretty epic and breathtaking!! My breath is just stop at that moment!! So.. EPIC!!!


Hiccup appeared more mature than in the previous movie. Puberty does that, you know?? He’s handsome, I tell you. His personality still stay the same and his relationship with Toothless grew more deeper than before. Astrid is pretty but she seems odd. I don’t know how to tell this, but she appeared not pretty as I remembered. Maybe she got more girly than last time. Anyway, the dragons are awesome!!!! There so many type of dragons than before and the alphas are just so amazing!!!


Background music pumped me up the minute I watched the opening. The music score is well placed and it managed to draw me into the movie itself. I can really feel the world around Hiccup and all of their feelings. Especially when Stoick die.

For what it’s worth, this movie is awesome!! I’ll watch it the second time just to see the dragons. Have you watched the movie yet?? Bring all friends and families to watch this. I really recommend it. thanks for reading guys.

HTTYD2 - trailer screenshot 5


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