Behold!! Full Burnern Gundam RG! “pretty solid for a small kit!!”


Behold!! RG GP0Fb Full Burnern Gundam!! This piece is pretty solid just by looking on its picture. it got bulky on the leg parts but not so much on the chest. considering you can transform the backpack into a jet (plus the chest) so, it tends to be more loose. this lead to instability when to perform certain posture.


this kit is very plain.. so, panel lining really bring this kit to life. well, you have to be careful though, it’s white. so, it tend to get messy easily.



see, the Full Burnern Gundam is really awesome. just by standing it looks so badass. but can easily crumble. man, that loose jetpack is really annoying.



this RG 1/144. i wonder how big the jetpack if 1/100..


Baaaammm!!! so in conclusion, the kit was really a nice kit. I enjoyed building it especially lining it. but, seriously the jet pack annoyed me too much!! sorry for the quality. I took them using HTC One in low room light. thanks for reading.

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