Infamous: Second Son is Worth Playing Over and Over!!!


It’s been awhile since I write a review about games. So, here it is. Infamous: Second Son. A very sweet game, very smooth, nice particle effects and seriously an awesome game starter for a PS4 gamer. Let’s start with the plot.


Several years after the event that killed all the conduits (Cole’s Event), Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P) is formed. Conduits are now dubbed Bio-Terrorists are captured alive by Brooke Augustine for detention and R&D purposes. Their purpose: to prevent Cole’s Event from happening again.

Delsin Rowe is just a free-will teenager who always caused trouble to his older brother, Reggie. After a DUP carrier truck suddenly crashed, Reggie accidently triggered his inner Conduit’s ability. He absorbed the smoke power from one of the escaped Conduit, Hank and thus, the story unfold.


The brothers went to the major city, Seattle with intention of confronting Augustine after what she did to their guardian. After learning some new tricks on his Smoke Power, they met Fetch, the Neon Conduits. Delsin absorbed her power as well. After that, he absorbed Video Power from Eugene Sims. Along the way, they got to learned about Augustine and her prison.

It turned out that all three Conduits are the escapees. Yeah, I just learned that too. On one occasion, Delsin finally get the chance to meet Augustine but it turned to be a trap setup by Hank and Augustine. This resulted the death of Delsin’s dear brother, Reggie. Pretty tragic. Delsin hunted Hank. Hank explained that Augustine threatened him using his daughter.

The final battle between Augustine and Delsin was epic. If you play it on Hard, you would seriously feel the winning when it’s over. So, as usual there are Evil and Good Karma.

If you choose Good: You’ll save Augustine and you will be hailed as Hero by the Seattle’s citizen.

If you choose Evil: you’ll kill Augustine and release all the conduits from the prison. You also absorbed all their powers just as they walked outside the prison.



Since this is an exclusive PlayStation 4 game, the stake was high. All the characters are in high details, most prominent is the facial expression. It’s like watching a movie when a scene appeared. Delsin Rowe is a straight person, thinking about others and sometimes being an ass to his brother. Reggie, a police officer who always looking out for his brother. He is a person, but kinda annoying.

Fetch is a nice girl but have a terrible past. Accidently killing her brother with her Neon, her life became aimless. Delsin guided her towards the light and become what she wants to become. Eugene always get bullied during his early years. After awaken his Video Power, he become the city savior behind Angels and Demons (his materialization power).


Augustine is well, depends on your opinion. she have a great intention saving Conduits from being killed by using any means necessary. Even it kills others. But Delsin, who just want his guardian cured but changed into killing her after his brother died. Her Concrete Power is more superior to Delsin’s Smoke, Neon and Video Power.


Like other Infamous games, the game is divided into Good and Evil Karma. at most, you have to play twice to get a platinum trophy. Essentially, you will be playing two plots in one game. If you choose Good, your powers will focus on healing, survivor and defensive. In Evil Karma, your game focus on offensive, more damage power but a little slow on healing. You got Smoke, Neon and Video powers. Each is nice and unique.


Smoke Power is pretty balance power but you can’t hit very far. Neon Power is what I called a sniper. You can hit long shot and an awesome defensive due to its long range. Video Power is pretty heavy and slow. Focuses on offensive much more than Smoke. At the end of the game, regardless which you karma you choose, you’ll get Augustine power, the Concrete. It can act both offensive and defensive. The overall power is much more than the three combined.


In my defense, this is a great game. It got nice particle effects, fully usage of the DS4 controller and the game is really not that hard. If you play it on Expert, just watch out your environments and be careful with your aim and health. The game looks neat and clean. I don’t know anything about Seattle, but I hope it resembled the city close as possible. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I am. Peace!!


Score : 4.9/5

p/s: Infamous: Second Son DLC, The First Light will coming soon featuring Fetch as a playable character.. :):)





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