WATCH_DOGS “It’s Just An Overhyped Game ~sighhh~”


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Good evening guys. So, last two months was the big release of Watch Dogs (stylized WATCH_DOGS). I must, I anticipated the release since two years ago. This overhyped game have mixed critics both good and bad. Well, the good one comes from the reviews while the bad ones came from us, the users. Let’s read what I have to say about this game.

The Plot

In 2012, Aiden Pierce and Damien Brenks launched a cyber-heist at Merlaut Hotel, called Merlaut Job. The job turned into a chaos when an unknown hacker intercepted their hacks. As a result, the job failed and it caused them, Aiden’s niece death. Killed by Maurice when Aiden drove her to surprise trip.

Aiden together his hired mercenary, Jodi tracked down Maurice to extract some information. While leaving Maurice in Jodi’s hand, Aiden hacked the CtOS system to find out more. Clara, a member of DedSec offered a very advantageous help. She give Aiden a full access to the city’s system but Aiden must provide some intel to DedSec.


Along the way, Damien come back haunting Aiden. His want Aiden to find the unknown hacker but Aiden denied him. Damien kidnapped Aiden’s sister, Nicole forcing Aiden to cooperate with him. Damien give him an IP address which with Clara’s help, lead to an ex-military turned hacker, Antony “Iraq” Wade.

Aiden stole a very dark data from him ad unfortunately, Clara can’t decrypt it. With Damien keep pushing him, Aiden searched the very man who invented the encryption. Meet Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney. The man who literally invented ctOS and of course, the unique encryption. Aiden returned to Iraq’s compound to download the whole data, killed Iraq and let T-Bone encrypt it. it later revealed that Iraq was monitoring everyone in the city, learning their dark secrets even the secret of important people.


This is also where Defalt comes in. Hacked into their system, revealing a recording which relate Clara to Merlaut Job that resulted Aiden’s niece death. Aiden asked Clara to leave the compound leaving T-Bone and him solving the issues. Talking about trust issue. They managed to tracked down Defalt, killed him and extracting data from him. also, Aiden’s managed to located Nicole’s whereabout and save her.

Finally, Aiden finally found out who ordered the hit against him. It was Dermont “Lucky” Quinn, a very powerful man in the Chicago. He even got the police, and even the ctOS itself. He killed Quinn very slowly by hacking into its pacemaker so we the gamer, could watch him die slow and painfully.

Damien now controlled the city, thanks to his deal with Blume Company. Aiden managed to tracked him down and killed him. Right now, he accepted his role as a ‘vigilante’ and he punished crime. For 5 acts in-game plot, that’s pretty short for a overhyped game.

The Character

Well, there is not much to say about the characters in this game. Aiden is pretty revengeful person, unable to let go even when his sister asked him to let go. Jordi is skilled fixer. He can make a gunfight looks like a tea party. I admired him and I really hate the way Aiden treated him. Clara is pretty. T-Bone is awesome!!! I love his style and he’s kinda handsome. More handsome than Aiden. To tell you the truth, all the characters are pretty shallow. I mean, for a 5 years development there should be more plot, more deeper characters and more impression it made to the game itself.


The Gameplay

At first, all are awesome especially the hacking. With a touch of a button, you can hacked cameras, cars, bridges and people. The online session are intense. First with invasion, you hacked into another fixer. Then, tailing other fixer without him noticing. After that, encryption. You team up to 4 players battling other 4 players trying to steal and protect an unknown data. Lastly, the usual race up to 8 players.

There is hiccup though. The driving. It a lot worse than normal driving. I don’t know but I prefer riding a motorcycle than a car. They are more controllable than most of car. It takes me a while to get the hang of driving a car.


The Verdict

This is where I can finally put my anger wholeheartedly. The plot is really shallow. Come on, even Assassin’s Creed can do better than Watch Dogs. The graphic is okay with me although some gamers said E3 graphic was much higher. I don’t how they see that. The gameplay is so repetitive. It’s good at first, then it gets boring. Talk to person, steal data, come back. Tail a person, hack them, killed them. always the same pattern.


The hacking is just simple. I know, I know it’s simple so that gamer can handle it quickly even in a chase. But it get so boring. The online part is much worse. I mean, Free Roam. Well, I don’t what to do there except harassing pedestrians and killing cops. The worst part is, the DRINKING game!!!! I really, really frustrated with that mini game. It’s one thing that made me give up the platinum trophy.

SCORE :3.7/5


P/S: until the drinking game is fixed (which is doubtly) I will not play the game again. Man, I regret it so much..

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