LEGO: The Movie VideoGame “Everything is AWESOME!!! again!!!!”


Have you watched Lego: The Movie?? If not, then you better watch it right now!! It’s a wonderful story and very entertaining. Of course like all others, a game came out. LEGO :The Movie The Game. It’s going to be a simple review because well, it’s a simple game after all.


Nothing much differ from the movie version. It’s the same plot although some of the plot was cut short to blend with the game. For full plot, here’s my review about the movie itself.

lego 1


There are almost 90 characters to be unlock. Major characters like Emmett, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle you will unlocked it during story. Oddly, you must buy Lord and President Business at the most highest price, 1 million studs each. Each with their unique characteristics and I don’t know why but in-game characters seems more funny than in the movie.



The world is not open as its previous game, Lego Marvel. It’s divided into several worlds. Each correspond with the important plots in the movie like: Emmett’s City, Cowboy world and President Business’s Tower. Each world have red bricks that you must collect to increase your studs and buy characters.

The game is not really that hard except finding the red and gold bricks. Reaching a platinum is piece of cake for an expert gamer. At most, playing single player it’s a lot easier than playing with second player. For me, the split screen did not help me a lot.


For the first time, the Lego builders are divided into two: MasterBuilder and Worker. Worker need plan to construct things but it’s vice versa with MasterBuilder. At first, I feel this is annoying but soon that feeling degraded. It’s nice that I can used majority of the characters unlike the previous game.


In my opinion, I really love the simplicity and the cute graphic in this game. I really love LEGO franchise and this one, well I love it. except for the fact I need to place it twice (like other games for collectible), I can live with this. even my cousin loved it but he didn’t get to play it because he don’t know how to read English.

My Score: 5/5



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