MS-06J Zaku II “kinda awesome Gundam Kit!!”

well hello guy!!!! finally, after 1 year of delay, Zaku Project is finally complete. here are some photos. 10517982_832019540142908_7184907800609458284_n 10540378_832019593476236_6471205458669938249_n

so, as you can see I picked green and brown color scheme. sort of like a soldier. while the weapon system, I choose sea grey color which is kinda cool.

10502336_832019490142913_7990741193443236648_n 10509685_832019690142893_5138955260666971196_n 10516848_832019510142911_9011558344636775956_n

I weathered a little bit on the body using dry-brush technique. I’m using chrome color as scratch effect. like an old robot. the weapon system is heavily weathered with Tamiya Weathering Set A.

15184_832019736809555_3089700295715048888_n 1546132_832019430142919_8031710898826585620_n 1926688_832019403476255_1914396152303622324_n 1969411_832019636809565_3841823593306087126_n 10262160_832019656809563_967914394105581312_n 10345819_832019716809557_2486336048530150159_n 10357467_832019580142904_1055729441449270930_n 10404271_832019566809572_8336042790270363385_n 10404511_832019773476218_2782553183738263431_n 10408661_832019363476259_2548676116618532288_n 10455239_832019380142924_6580155020818296686_n 10455650_832019523476243_5785367676570069381_n 10458896_832019420142920_1341301366217892922_n 10474854_832019346809594_5021054280559072516_n 10475249_832019673476228_4558853070482162823_n 10481471_832019473476248_8527085129316991732_n 10487272_832019610142901_5128309711696550834_n 10488131_832019453476250_1310494107450657948_n

that’s all. Hope you guys love it. Ask me anything related to the project or Gunpla. I’m still learning about Gunpla. there’s much to learn, much to try and much to experiments on. Next Project will blow your mind. stay tune..:)


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