The Majestic Pink Gundam AGE-02!!!

Finally, after month of works, I revealed my latest project. Pink Gundam AGE-02. this kit is fairly easy except for the legs part. I think this kit is more towards its transformed jet than the usual human form. But, what the hell I bought it for the gundam not for the jet. 🙂


behold!! since the foot is small, i figured an action pose is suitable for this kit. it can do lots but I prefer to just this. nice color don’t you think??

1488243_846782585333270_7431015297055355969_n 1609720_846782538666608_8153251896535906664_n 10313667_846782358666626_1770390789220837123_n 10325356_846782428666619_1724585133535870191_n

as usual, I took the photos using my HTC One camera. But the setting is quite different than usual. I recently learned that if you want to capture something that is small, you used Macro setting. and it turned out alright. yeah, the lighting should be better with a booth but hey, natural is okay too.

10403590_846782461999949_5414887091605354185_n 10458229_846782405333288_8850868813217440198_n 10517596_846782371999958_9024667707832357276_n 10519184_846782498666612_1404464194249765543_n 10525971_846782478666614_2611441931491545581_n 10544794_846782598666602_2965198215318305302_n 10559740_846782628666599_4059392932314946140_n 10565204_846782381999957_7801847009701746738_n 10569031_846782521999943_6392927718364581240_n 10583827_846782565333272_2580528991776430659_n

I used Gaianote Briliant Pink and Natural Grey IV. as for the inner frame I used Silver Bright Samurai Paint. I sort of regret using silver but I guess it’s okay now.

what I learned:

we should cover the part pegs (connecting leg ‘the small’) when coloring to avoid stiffness during assembly. I learned about camera settings and photo booth. maybe next time we’ll have a nice photo. thanks for reading.:)


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