Captain America: The Winter Soldier “It’s Awesome!! I Love Bucky!!!”


After 4-5 months of waiting, Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Blu-Ray finally hit the market. I didn’t managed to watched its premiere, so this will do. I must say, the story does intertwine with the Agent of Marvel drama plot.


Speaking of plot, let’s start a simple summary. I mean, everyone had watched it through, right?? So, feel free if you can comment anything. So, after the event of The Avenger in New York, Captain got pretty famous. While jogging, he met Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and quickly become a friend.

Back at the SHIELD, Fury can’t accessed some of his top file and asked his friend, Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) to delay a very top secret project called Project Insight. Attack on Director Fury was the first cue that SHIELD is no longer. Injured Fury went to Captain’s home for shelter. But, instead got shot by none other than the famous Winter Soldier a.k.a Bucky (Sebastian Stan).


Later, he arrived to an abandoned military base with Natasha Romanov aided with the info that they got from a flashdrive. What they found shocked Captain’s world. Dr.Armin Zola is alive. Well, just his brain got computer-based. It revealed that he infiltrated SHIELD from the very start. It’s HYDRA all along.

Next objective: Destroying the newly- built SHIELD aircrafts. The aircrafts is built with the purpose of stopping people before a crime ever happened. HYDRA build it to control people. With the help of Sam, Captain must stop it. Bucky will be there to stop it.


Captain and the gang managed to destroyed the aircrafts but at a cost. Luckily, Captain survived and Bucky had a memory crisis. For a two hours movie, I managed to shrunk it to four paragraph. Lazy me.


In this movie, Captain kinda have a mid-age crisis. Romanov always tried to help him finding a soul mate. We see Emily VanCamp as Kate The Nurse a.k.a Agent 13. I love how Sam Wilson fit into this movie but I feel like he is just being used. but, if he is not there, the movie will not move. Kinda important but no so much. Bucky The Winter Soldier steal all the spotlight. He is all like Captain but kindness. I like him emotionless with very few lines in a single movie. I wish to see him again in the third installment.

The storyline kinda okay. I am not a fan of Marvel franchise, but I understand quite a bit about Captain America. Luckily, I have Youtube explained to me about The Winter Soldier profile. Otherwise, I’ll be clueless and somehow surprised about the appearance of Bucky.


As a finale, let’s talk about the future gadgets in this movie. Everything just like I dreamt about. A smart AI inside a car, a tech can read the fingerprints and rearrange a passcode and so on. I was like, WTF!! Is that even possible. I think that in today’s future, the tech will soon be available. The profiling tech, glass tech, everything is cool though. I really like the movie’s design on mission’s tech.

Well, I do say the movie is fun to watch. I would really like to see more on The Winter Soldier. Well, then thanks for reading guys. XDXD



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