Need For Speed The Movie “Borderline plot But it Does Have Nice Rides!!”


This is another movie born from video games franchise. Like its predecessors, Need For Speed bring the game into spectators with a borderline plot, unsuitable actors but it does have a very nice rides. This is my review on Need For Speed The Movie.

The story focuses on Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) who have somehow a rough life. Though he have awesome friends such as Benny a.k.a Maverick, Finn, Joe and Pete. He also have an ex, Julia who now with Dino. Dino (Dominic Cooper) and Tobey kinda rival each other because they are from the same city, Mount Cisco.


After a night race, Dino approached Tobey for a job. Restoring a legendary Shelby Ford Mustang. While others insist on not taking the job, Tobey accepted it because of the loan are way overdue. The finish Ford is sold to Julia (Imogen Poots) and Ingram. Dino was furious about this because he was supposed to drive the car, not Tobey. He challenged Tobey and Pete for a race. Three Koenigsegg Agera were given. Only two survived. Pete died when Dino intentionally flip the car while Tobey got frame for manslaughter. Dino ran away.


Two years later, Tobey and the gang called Ingram to borrow his Shelby. Of course, Julia comes with the package. They’re off to California and tried to win De Leon and to prove Tobey’s innocent.

In my opinion, Aaron Paul is not a suitable actor for Tobey Marshall. Others fit quite okay but not Aaron. I feel like he is an older person living inside a younger body. I mean, his voice feels like he want to kill someone every time he spoke. Scott Mescudi played Benny perfectly. If it wasn’t for him, the movie would go dull. Seriously.


I don’t know much about others but Dominic somehow don’t fit Dino’s profile. I mean, sure he got Dino’s face of ‘the rich guy’ but not the personality. But, his acting is good by the way. Not as got as Howard Stark though.

So far as for the design and car mechanics, I must say it’s pretty awesome. The cars are awesome. Koesignegg Agera is by far the most super car I’ve seen in the movie. The front desk shape like a rocket shuttle, 270mph top speed and very nice handling.


However, the amount of racing cars is not much as in the Fast and Furious series. So, I don’t know whether this is a racing movie or a showcase of cars. The racing are not super-adrenaline like Fast franchise. It got slow pace and somehow they are not showing off too much of changing gears.

The final racing is awesome. the director is genius on how he eliminate every racers just to get Tobey and Dino face off each other. The final ending is not good as I expected. Yeah, I was pretty upset by it but luckily, Benny’s twerk class cheer me up. It’s like the director already know about the bad ending and tried to come up with an excuse to covered it up.



2 responses to “Need For Speed The Movie “Borderline plot But it Does Have Nice Rides!!”

  1. I get that it was a racing movie, but it wasn’t a very good one that made it fun and exciting every time somebody revved up an engine. Just became a bore after awhile. Good review.


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