HG 1/144 Zeydra ” An Amazing Guinea Pig for Me!!!”

If anyone read my previous movie review about Spiderman 2. so you must remember about the electronic parts that I learned. well, here I presented to you HG 1/144 Zeydra. The kit is merely a prototype for a greater build in the future. it’s custom made with LED modding. My first time ever!!


Tada!!!!!! you see that??? the blue light.. my first ever attempt in modding LED. I Must admit it. it’s pretty damn hard for the first time. you need plan carefully. What I did? I planned horribly. I just have the general idea. but forget about where wires should go through and the power pack placement.

10612826_853729161305279_6947280636032283401_n 10599646_853729191305276_6641746279419214146_n 10561799_853729144638614_629829594134216309_n 1610804_853729207971941_7261032173846083419_n

If you can see at the back wire were protruding out and the wires are connected with a power source and micro switch below the base. Yes, you don’t need to have one option. I mean, some people will have a power supply at the back but for me, a beginner I just go with the simple stuff.

here’s what its looks like, in the dark.


sorry for the camera. damn, I should build a photobooth soon.. So, that’s it guys. this is a mere prototype of LED modding. nothing else added. my next project should be neat and awesome than this. thanks for reading.


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