The Last Of Us: Remastered ” It will Blow Your Mind!!”


So, it’s time for the review for Game Of The Year (GOTY). Yeah, You guessed it, The Last of Us: Remastered. Since I don’t have a PS3, so this will be a very first time for to write a review for it. The game is entitled GOTY 2013 for a reason. It got great game mechanic, dynamic play style, highly emotional characters and most importantly, an awesome game plot.



Twenty years post-apocalyptic world, Joel survives with the help of his partner, Tess. Out of the blue, they have to smuggled a girl named Ellie in exchange for weapons. Marlene, the guardian of Firefly request the help.

The job went well until they arrived at Capitol Building. This is where Tess died protecting the duo from the military. As such, the whole journey rest on Joel’s shoulder. They meet hunters who want them dead. They meet people who have their own story to tell and a false hope.

The plot meet its middle road when Joel and Ellie meet Joel’s brother, Tommy. Since he once a Firefly soldier, he might have an idea about the Firefly HQ. Tommy also found out the reason Joel doing this terrible job. Ellie have a cure for this infection. No, Ellie IS the cure for the infection and they need to give it to Firefly and produced a vaccine.


At some point, Joel got hurt and Ellie have her own adventure and dangers. Yeah, and it’s more detail in her own DLC, The Left Behind. And finally, they arrived at Firefly HQ and Joel found out something awful.

Apparently, Ellie has to die in order to remove the tumor that contained the vaccine components. Joel rebelled against the Firefly and killed everyone to save Ellie. Unknown to Ellie, he kept the dark secret covered it with a story that they discovered a dozens of immune people around the world.


Ellie awkwardly agree and somehow knew the whole story after all.


Yeah, the character profiles in this game were superb. Naughty Dog have done a great job maintaining this. we can see Joel frustration in taking care of Ellie but soon realized that she is coloring his life more than before. He have crucial survival skills and don’t hesitate to use it on humans, not just infected.

Ellie is more of a bright kid but bad ass. At first she is pretty useless, but give her a gun, she is your crucial ally. Seriously. Although sometimes, she randomly exposed our hiding and stealth plan. But, I don’t care.


Other characters are not much prominent but they are needed to keep the story going. I mean, they are not main character but pretty much a key point in a this game.

Zombies. Or in this case, infected. They are three types: Runners, Clickers and Bloaters. I hate runners the most though it’s easy to stealth kill them. I love how infected integrated into this game. I mean, they not the main theme of this game. They are just antagonists that need to be kill. That’s all.


You can choose to be stealthy or gun blazing or both. The play style is really dynamic and not strict to one style. Although, on harder setting you tend to play stealthy as your supply are scarce. Third person shooter, really my style. Easy enough to shoot.

Another important aspect is crafting. That is a really must have. you can upgrade your crafting via skills and it’s vital to upgrade. Especially in the long run. Weapons are versatile. Each with their own strength and weakness. Not one are not useful. You just got to use it right and you’re safe.


Multiplayer is awesome. it’s intense and with the right team, you can win. Also, multiplayer let you become the people in the story. I mean, you can build a faction and taking care of them. it’s awesome and addicted if you know what you are doing.


Overall, I really impressed with the game. The cutscenes, the gameplay, and the weapons. I mean, it’s the first time I’ve heard about Shorty or Diablo. The collectibles part is bearable and seriously, you must get them all on the first try. Well, the game is GOTY for an awesome reason, after all. Naughty Dog always impressed me with their game and this one also never failed to impress me.

SCORE : 5/5



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